25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Final Fantasy 10 Left Hanging

Final Fantasy 10 was an amazing game with a great storyline. But there are still a lot of threads it left hanging after the credits rolled!

This game is one of the most popular in the series. We think that has a lot to do with how awesome the game is itself, but also because it happened to be the first game of the series released on the PS2 with all the sweet new graphics. Many other games in the series are just as amazing, but their release may have been outshined by something else on another system or even just another RPG.

With all that greatness, however, comes some mistakes and mysteries. Not that these developers are sneaky snakes and they slipped the wool over our eyes, but it just happens to be a massive game. It also has a massive story and is a world filled with different races and magic that don't always make a ton of sense. But that's the world of fantasy. Stuff isn't supposed to make sense.

Regardless of the number of mistakes and issue in the game, it is still a favorite of many. It's been souped up with HD graphics, and the game will be played by devoted fans for decades to come. But in the meantime, we've compiled a list of a few of those mysteries and plot holes that some of you may or may not have discovered during your playthrough.

Some of these you might have realized during the course of the game, and some of them you might only be realizing now. Either way, we wish that these things had been resolved!

25 Kimahri's Horn Insecurity

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It's pretty confusing when you finally meet the rest of the Ronso in the game. Because all of them are super tall and have great horns. Even the females have horns. And then you realize that Kimahri is the weird guy without one.

But what we don't get is why it was cut off. How could other Ronso do that to another kid Ronso? And then he gets shunned because he has no horn. Childhood antics shouldn't shape a person's entire life.

24 Where Did Tidus Go?

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At the end of the game, Tidus sort of disappears. We get that he is a dream of the Fayth and some sort of hero for the world of Spira, but we don't get why he couldn't remain in the physical realm.

This is a world of magic.

How come we can't find this dude after we save the world? It's not fair. Does his essence or mind still exist somewhere? Or was he always just an artificial humanoid dream thing? Come back, Tidus.

23 Why Was Auron Always Limp-Armed?

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Why run when you can walk? Why walk when you can stand still? Why stand when you can sit? And why sit when you can let your arm hang limp in you samurai robe for an entire year?

Auron has no answer.

Maybe it's something like he always keeps his arm ready to strike at his enemies. Like he uses is one arm to do all the normal life stuff like open doors and drink milk, but the limp arm is always poised for battle.

22 Sin Itself

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Is this thing a whale? It sort of looks like one of those weird mouthed whales with some wings and bump spine. Well, something like Sin might not even have a spine. And who decided it'd be named Sin?

Look at that thing. It's a monster. A giant god-like enemy.

But the entity is a mystery inside of itself. Is this thing ancient or alien? By what design was it mean to live? And where does it go when it's not wrecking cities?

21 Why Did Jecht Time Travel?

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Jecht didn't really time travel. He sort of got teleported to Spira by the Fayth, just like Tidus. It would seem that the Fayth had this plan for having a father and son come to take care of Sin one after the other.

The plan seems like this: Have Jecht come chill with the summoner, Braska, and become the next Sin. Then have Jecht's son come and clean up the mess, one Fayth dream person to another. Seems legit.

20 Sin Attacks Zanarkand?

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So Sin attacks Spira and wrecks all the people's lives because Sin is mad at them. This is what Sin does. But Sin also attacks a little place called Dream Zanarkand, where Tidus was raised and played Blitzball.

But we learn later in the game that Tidus isn't really real and neither is the Dream  Zanarkand place. So then how did Sin get there? If all this junk is a bunch of dreams, why did Sin come to mess with it?

19 But Zanarkand Is A Dream

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So Zanarkand was destroyed hundreds of years ago. By Sin, or by the war Sin came to correct. So then after all those people got trashed into the ocean or whatever, the Fayth sort of restored them as a dream.

The dream of the Fayth to create Dream Zanarkand is a mystery because it's sort of real. As long as the Fayth work together, they can make a whole new world filled with warriors. What's to stop them from taking over?

18 Who Is Yojimbo?

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Yojimbo is a summon. An optional summon that is not essential to beating the game. Yojimbo is unique in that you have to pay him cash to get him to fight for you. And even then, it's not a guarantee.

Yojimbo is the Japanese word for bodyguard.

Yojimbo were samurai back in the day who couldn't find honest work so they became armed guards. So is that what this summon is? Could he be a master samurai who ascended to god-hood?

17 Al Bhed Weapons

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Everyone hates the Al Bhed because they have guns and machines and stuff. We get that. We get that Sin shows up because of all the technology and whatnot, however unfair that may be.

But why do weapons need to be seen as technology apart from say, a bow and arrow? It's not really fair to have metal anything in this world. So it doesn't quite make sense why the Al Bhed and their kind of tech is not accepted at all.

16 Why Did Tidus Teleport Through Time?

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Well, sort of a yes and a no. Tidus is a dream of the Fayth, which means he is sort of real because he lived an entire life in a dream world and didn't find out he was a fake human until like way late in the game and stuff.

But that dream world was sort of a dream of the distant past when the city of Zanarkand still existed. Or at least that version of it. So for Tidus to suddenly show up in the current Spira he sort of went through a time shift.

15 Yu Yevon Was A Maniac

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So this guy was a complete psycho. He is the first dude who defeated Sin way back when. What a swell fellow. Except he's the one that summoned Sin in the first place. Yeah, this dude is a monster responsible for all that sadness.

The reason he did it is because he was losing a war.

Probably a war against the Al Bhed or something like it. Magic vs Weapons. Yevon decided that he wasn't going to win so he summoned a giant demon-god. Well done, sir.

14 Who Are The Magus Sisters?

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To start off this introduction, their names are Cindy, Mindy, and Sandy. They all have their own strengths and whatnot and they all have their weaknesses. But the benefit to having these ladies is their combined power.

They can heal one another and break the 9,999 damage limit from the beginning. They used to be bosses in other games, and now they've ascended to godhood. Godhood and sisterhood are a good thing, Just don't make them jealous.

13 Anima, The Darkest Summon

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When this thing shows itself for the first time in the game, it's because Seymour summoned it to defeat some fiends that were attacking a Blitzball game.

And it was as spooky as it was epic.

Heavy metal music starts and this giant demon mummy rises from the Earth with a look of pain and torment across its entire body. Then it just starts to vaporize bad guys left and right with simply a look of the eye.

12 Auron, Bruce Willis Of Final Fantasy Characters

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Auron is actually a sort of ghost the entire time. This doesn't make sense because Yuna performed multiple sendings in which souls travel to the farplane. How did Auron resist that? Even still, how was he able to just be alive this long after his demise?

It's not fair. It doesn't seem fair that Auron was able to keep on living and growing older while he wasn't even alive. It sort of seems like everyone would take that deal. Unless he was a zombie and couldn't feel anything or taste food.

11 What Happens If Sin Wins?

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So is the purpose of Sin to just trash the entire planet and get rid of all the people on it?Because, if that's the case, what's stopping it from doing that? The Final Aeon? That only can work for so long.

But let's say that Sin is defeated. Does that mean the calm can last for hundreds of years? If the calm lasts so long that people forget about Sin, he can just return and wreck everyone because there are no need for summoners.

10 What Is The Fayth?

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It seems like the Fayth are a super important part of this world and this game. They seem to be something along the lines of spirits or souls of those who have departed. But they do a certain job that's a bit different.

The Fayth seem to watch over the people of Spira.

They are a mixture between angels and ghosts that sort of end up like a guiding spirit for the planet. But the question is, do they multiply? And are they overpopulated?

9 Wakka And Lulu

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How did these two get together? Lulu is a straight up gothic beauty and Wakka is a total bro with a total bro haircut. She seems so refined and mature while Wakka seems like he never grew up and put a shirt on.

We get that if they lived in and grew up in the same island village that it would be inevitable they'd get together up. It might even have been an arranged thing. Where Wakka's dad got a few acres of land for the marriage.

8 Final Aeon Vs Regular Aeon

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So at the end of the game when you have to fight Sin, you have to defeat him with the Final Aeon that eventually turns into the next Sin in its place. The problem with that is that the Final Aeon has to be a person.

Not only does it have to be a person it has to be a person that has a super close relationship with the summoner. And the summoner perishes also. But what is the difference between Bahamut and the Final Aeon?

7 Where Is The Sphere Grid?

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So in this game, there is a unique leveling system that has to do with the Sphere Grid. Each node of the grid is a sphere that represents some type of power-up for the character. It can be in the form of increased stats or to learn a new spell.

But where does this thing exist?

Is it just an idea in the mind of the characters or is it something they unlock and keep track of like a Pokédex? It sort of seems like one of those situations that have no real answer.

6 Aeons Understand English/Japanese

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These Aeons are powerful beings or monsters from wherever and whenever. That would mean that some of them are from distant pasts or even different dimensions. Why do they so easily understand our language?

It seems like a dragon wouldn't want to speak to humans at all.

Let alone follow commands. So there really is no reason for these summons to know our language, but for some reason they do. It's helpful.

5 Seymour's 9-Lives

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What is the deal with the bad guys in these games having to be fought like ten different times? These bosses get stomped all the time in these games but it always seems like you have to fight them again and again.

It's not really fair that these bosses get all these different chances to defeat you. It is fair that they get more and more corrupt or bad or possessed each time. As if each time you defeat them, they sell more of their soul.

4 Tidus' Outfit

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Why do all of these characters in this series wear such ridiculous outfits? They have suspenders with overalls and shorts that aren't even. And everyone is wearing boots.

Either boots or sandals.

But no one is more ridiculously dressed then Tidus from FFX or Vaan from FF12. They are dressed like maniacs, to be honest. No normal person would wear these outfits unless they were aiming for something

3 The Power Of The Monster Creator

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There's a point in the game where you make it to a massive plain called the Calm Lands. On the Calm Lands, there is a place off to the side where you can talk to a guy who creates and breeds monsters.

Or something similar to that, anyways.

The goal is to travel to each location in the game, capture every type of monster available, and then battle the inevitable creation those captured fiends make. This guy has the most powerful monsters in the game in cages. He's a warlord.

2 Why Does Anyone Become The Final Summoner?

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Lord Braska become the summoner who saved the world. Then his daughter followed in his footsteps. Why would anyone want to do that job?

It sounds awful, especially when you make it to the end.

If it were me, I'd just get a few aeons to roll around with and not finish the pilgrimage. I'd instead go around mercenary-ing myself out for dozens of gil pieces. you could literally rule the world with those monsters.

1 Different Races Of Sentient Creatures

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There are humans, Guados, Ronsos, and at least two more groups out there in the world. Are any of them aliens? Or are only some of them? How could so many different species evolve side by side on a planet without wiping the other out?

Nature doesn't really work that way. They couldn't have evolved at the same time, if they did, and were all on equal footing, what's the explanation for that? We need answers, otherwise we are just going to believe that they are humans in costume.

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