Final Fantasy 12: The 10 Most Difficult Hunts In The Game, Ranked

Final Fantasy XII has some tough hunts throughout the game. These 10 are the absolute toughest, ranked in order of difficulty.

Final Fantasy has given us it's fair share of strange monsters in the 32 year run it's been on. From the Vice to the Brain Pod, the entire book of oddities has been thrown at the fan base. Players will finally be able to collect some big rewards for taking on the biggest and baddest the game has to offer.

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Ranging from the epic to the annoying, every battle offers up a unique set of challenges that will have the player thanking they have a team with them. Players can jump the line and take on some of the tougher hunts while still underdeveloped but be warned, the suggestions are there for a reason.

10 Cluckatrice

Possibly the least intimidating creature we have on our list, a literal chicken. Though it may look like an easy fight, Cluckatrice, along with its Chickatrice babies, proves to be a worthy opponent after all. Having to manage 4 enemies adds to the puzzle as you dodge the onslaught of beaks and claws.

If you try to go for the smaller, more annoying chicks it will be a long and rocky road. Cluckatrice will attack anytime you focus on her chicks and she's a lot faster than she looks. Disabling her and taking her out first will let you breeze through the babies with relative ease.

9  Deathscythe

Coming in with a bit more of an impactful appearance, Deathscythe will attack only when you're weakened. This sets the tone for the rest of the fight as you have to come in prepared and covering all your bases. If they are in fact covered, then you shouldn't run into too many problems.

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Getting it down to half health is a pretty straight forward path, block and attack. After that, Deathscythe will become immune to physical attacks, at the same time it will try to drain your MP. If you make it through to the 30% mark then you will have to watch out for its death effect, it is extremely effective and hits nearly every time.

8 Orthros

Final Fantasy's answer to Muk, the most dangerous ball of slime players are likely to meet. Swinging your sword or any kind of physical attack isn't going to get you very far, at best you're going to do chip damage while Orthros brings you down with the roster of conditions.

Anything that will give you some defense against Darkness attacks will help you out. Orthros leaves players up to their own devices as far as spells go, so cast away! Putting him to sleep will let players tee off and really do some damage, a quickening combo to finish it off and players are in the money.

7 Gilgamesh

As well as defeating the high output enemy, you also have the opportunity to steal pieces of one of the best armor sets in the game. Juggling the timing and damage is what makes this a tricky opponent, as players fight off both the swordsman and his savage dog.

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The second battle is the real hard part, because Gilgamesh will start delivering status inflicting blow as well as damage dealt. Luckily you can keep track of when to start stealing because there are cutscenes every 20% drop in health. At the beginning of the fight, you have to focus on the dog as the onslaught is too heavy and will result in death.

6 Ixion

Ixion isn't a massive damage dealer, but players letting this lull them into a false sense of security are in for a rude awakening. Ixion delivers fast attacks that chain together well, it doesn't take long to compromise a solid defence from multiple points.

Purify means that if you manage to inflict a status altering attack on Ixion, that will quickly be healed if players don't intervene. When it's health is in the low range, Ixion becomes more frantic and hits with powerful attacks. Having a powerful finisher is crucial if you want to get through this hunt.

5 Fafnir

The beginning of this fight can be used to set up the team in a strategic position. If you choose to go entirely ranged, it will be a long but safe path to victory. For close-range combat, you will have to properly equip the team for its powerful shock attack that can deal thousands in damage.

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Another threat comes when players drag the fight out, giving Fafnir the opportunity to put the team to sleep and inflict big damage. The attack begins to chain as his health drops and shock becomes more frequent. Reflecting this will deal massive damage and keep the squad in good health.

4 White Mousse

It doesn't look like much, but the White Mousse will chop away at your party with its slowga and strong physical attacks. Be prepared to constantly disable the magical capabilities or the team will be in for a drawn-out beating.

One of the common tactics is taking away the blinding and slowing capabilities by boosting the physical attacks. It's not the fastest mover in the world, so you should be able to cope with the onslaught, especially when you don't have to answer to the battle effects constantly tripping up the squad

3 Carrot

The long lost pet turned feral, trying to fight this nightmare becomes more and more difficult as the fight progresses. Trying to engage the fight is hard enough, you won't be able to kill any creatures on the way to find it, making players avoid any conflict. A healthy amount of range attacks combined with a continuous status assault is needed to succeed.

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Its breath attack will prevent you from getting in close, so close combat isn't an option. Players also have to be careful as they approach the final push to beat the beast, as it's level doubles and it will take out the entire party in 2-3 moves.

2 Yiazmat

Being both the final boss of the game and the final hunt, it's no shock Yiazmat is among the hardest. With normal players thinking that a 2-hour battle is considered fast, this one is more of a marathon than a sprint. The instant death attached to most of his attacks makes him especially deadly.

The steady use of cyclone, an attack that will affect your entire team at once, is something you always have to be wary of. Taking him down below 20% is a dangerous game, with many players keeping a powered up substitute strictly for this reason. If the team manages to complete the marathon, You'll be named the greatest hunter in Ivalice.

1 Behemoth King

Definitely one of the most intimidating enemies players will come up against, the Behemoth King is only spoken about in legend. The friend of the last man to go after him is the one sending you to find the beast, a beast that can take out even the most well-equipped characters in a few hits.

Luckily enough it can be distracted by a decoy, so if players have a couple of powerhouses on their team it will make a big damage impact. You can stop its constant defensive shields and keep it immune to magic attacks, leaving it wide open for combinations when you have its health low enough.

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