Final Fantasy XIV: 10 Facts You Never Knew About Y'shtola

Master Matoya is a major player in Final Fantasy XIV, and here some lesser known details about Y'shtola Rhul.

Y'shtola Rhul may not be the main character of Final Fantasy 14, but she has become a symbol of the game. After all, her character design is gorgeous.

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If you watch a lot of anime, read a lot of manga, and play a lot of Japanese video games, then you may know that there is a certain stereotype for catgirls. They often act like cats, make cat puns, and are portrayed as "moe" characters (portrayed as juvenile and cute). However, what's great about Y'shtola is that she is none of these things! She is a refreshing catgirl character.

Here are some facts you may not know about Y'shtola.

10 Shares The Same Voice As Sera From Dragon Age: Inquisition

In terms of personalities, Y'shtola and Dragon Age: Inquisition's Sera are about as contradictory as you can get. Despite that, they share the same voice actor, Robyn Addison! The two characters have major speech pattern differences, so that is pretty amazing for the voice actor to accomplish.

Note that Addison is Y'shtola's voice actress from Heavensward onwards, not in A Realm Reborn. After A Realm Reborn, there were some major voice actor changes.

9 Has Appeared In Many Other Final Fantasy Games

Y'shtola has become a major crossover character in the Final Fantasy series. So far she has made appearances as a playable character in Final Fantasy Tactics S, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, Pictlogica Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

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That is just playable versions of her. She has also made non-playable appearances in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, Final Fantasy World Wide Words, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and is a series of cards in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. If that is not enough for you, of course, there is also a series of cards of her in Triple Triad.

8 Has Appeared In Non-Final Fantasy Games

Apparently, the Final Fantasy franchise was not enough for Y'shtola. She is a playable character in the mobile games Monster Strike and Puzzle and Dragons.

Monster Strike is a game you can play on your iOS or Android phone which actually has a lot of Final Fantasy crossovers besides just Y'shtola. Puzzle and Dragons is a match-three puzzle game that is super popular in Japan.

7 Is Referenced In Final Fantasy Lost Stranger

Final Fantasy Lost Stranger is a manga with a pretty interesting premise. The story follows a, get this, a Square Enix employee who dies and is reborn in the Final Fantasy world.

Y'shtola gets referenced in this manga when the protagonist, Shogo Sasaki, is learning about the races in this new world he has awoken in. There is a "Catter" race and he assumes they are Miqo'te and the panel shows him imagining Y'shtola's character design from A Realm Reborn.

6 Has Her Own Sticker Set On The LINE App

LINE is a popular chat messenger app, especially in Japan. Oddly enough, it started off as a disaster response app. Nowadays it is more of a general chatting app.

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Like many communication apps, they have a wide variety of stickers. Y'shtola proved to be a popular enough character that she got her own sticker set for users to send to each other. The design is rather cute and chibi too.

5 There Is An Official Y'shtola Necklace

If you love Y'shtola and are feeling kind of rich, then you can purchase a 30th-anniversary pendant necklace with her Dissidia Final Fantasy design. It costs almost two hundred dollars and is made of sterling silver with a green garnet gem.

She was just one of many characters made into pendants. Other characters include Noctis, Lightning, Vaan, Tidus, Squall, Cloud, Terra, Firion, and Cecil.

4 She Is Sharlayan

This is an easy fact to miss and/or forget as you play through the game. Y'shtola is not originally from Eorzea. She is from a place not yet explored in the game, Sharlayan. In fact, this is also true with others in the Scions of the Seventh Dawn including Alphinaud, Alisaie, Urianger, Moenbryda, and Papalymo.

Besides where she came from, very little is actually known about Y'shtola's past. Some players assume she came from the Y' tribe due to her namesake and being a Keeper of the Sun. Others theorize that she was not raised in a tribe at all and was adopted.

3 Her Half-Sister Is Important To The Summoner Quests

You would not know this unless you play the summoner class in the game. It is in Heavensward that you learn of Y'shtola's half-sister, Y'mhitra. While they had different mothers, they shared the same father. We know little of their relationship besides their blood-relation with each other.

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When choosing to be a summoner in the game, it is Y'mhitra that advises you, gives you quests, and goes on adventures with you. Like Y'shtola though, she is a conjurer.

2 She Becomes A Black Mage

When the Shadowbringers trailer came out, fans argued about the scene with Y'shtola. Why was she being called Matoya? Also, is she a black mage now?

Now that Shadowbringers has been released, we can confirm that she has become a black mage. If you take Y'shthola into your party through the Trust System, the proof is presented. You will see that instead of a healer, she is now a DPS black mage. Aesthetically, it also makes sense since Shadowbringers is all about becoming "Heroes of Darkness" rather than light.

1 She Uses Aether To See

Y'shtola's blindness has often been a confusing topic for fans. In fact, it is not mentioned for a long time even when she first returns in Heavensward. It is an easily forgettable trait since she acts like she can see most everything anyway.

This is all because Y'shtola uses Aether to sense what is around her. In other words: Magic. Based on this fact, she can and cannot sense whatever the plot likely demands. How did she sense the murals in Shadowbringers? Apparently Aether. However, this does limit her at times. For example, she does not recognize you when you first meet in Shadowbringers.

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