Final Fantasy: 15 Unanswered Questions That Keep You Up At Night

Because of how massive the Final Fantasy series has become, you have to give credit to Square for deciding not to make it all one continuous story. Instead, each entry in this series is set in its own universe with its own background, characters, and narrative. This allows them to always be able to tell the stories they want and improve with each game.

However, this method of storytelling isn't without its problems. First and foremost, each game has to be given its own lore and world-building, which is something that takes a lot of time and effort. No doubt that Square could burn out if they decide to handle it poorly. Thankfully, this style has worked for them for the most part.

One consistent issue with the Final Fantasy series is that not enough details are given. What I mean by that is throughout each story or game, there are always plenty of questions that we have. Since Square continuously moves from one game to the next, very rarely do we ever get a surefire answer to these burning questions, no matter how much we think about them.

While we don't have all of the answers ourselves, these are 15 burning questions from the Final Fantasy series that have yet to be answered. And yes, they've kept many of us up at night.

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15 Why Did The Monsters In FFVIII Come From The Moon?

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Final Fantasy VIII tells a fairly consistent story in the first half of the game. However, once you discover that the Sorceress Ultimecia is the one behind all of the bad things happening in the world, it starts to get a little interesting.

One of the weirder aspects of the game is the fact that all of the monsters you fight were originally on the moon. Some of them ended up coming to Earth, but eventually, the path was made clear through some dark magic. This alone raises a lot of questions. Why did the monsters originate on the moon in the first place? If they all came from the moon, then why do most of them look like the rest of the monsters in the Final Fantasy series?

14 What Is Tidus?

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This isn't an unanswered question more than it is something that is so convoluted that you may not understand it. Tidus is taken from his home of Zanarkand at the beginning of Final Fantasy X. He then wakes up in a land called Spira, where Zanarkand has since been destroyed for one thousand years. While it seems that he traveled to the future, it's much crazier than that.

Apparently, these beings called the Fayth dreamt up the world of Zanarkand in a separate reality because the real one was destroyed. Thus, Tidus and his father are both from this strange place. However, his father managed to get to Spira, then turned into the monster called Sin. Because of this, Jecht sent Auron to the fake Zanarkand to watch over Tidus. And now I'm lost. What the heck is Tidus?

13 What Becomes Of Kuja?

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Final Fantasy IX is another game that brings on a spout of misdirection. From the opening moments, it seems that Queen Brahne will be the main antagonist for the game. However, as the plot develops, the warrior Kuja becomes more prominent and quickly takes that spot for himself. He is one of the most powerful antagonists to ever appear in a Final Fantasy game and we all fear him for it.

At the end of the game, Zidane and his friends battle Kuja and defeat him. At that point, the final boss comes into the scene and Kuja is a distant thought. Yet, as the heroes try to escape that area, Zidane decides to find Kuja and bring him out. But, Zidane leaves the tree with no sign of Kuja. So what happened to him?

12 Why Is There A Cid In Every Game?

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Because of the nature of the Final Fantasy series, Square thought it would be a good idea to incorporate some familiarity into each game. This is why each entry in the franchise has a character named Cid. Whether he is the owner of the airship you're bound to receive or a member of the party, Cid is a character you can expect with each Final Fantasy game.

However, there's never an in-universe explanation to why there must be a Cid in every game. Is there some strange multiverse theory that dictates Cid be in every corner of it? Furthermore, why do some of the same monsters appear in each game? Are they part of this weird multiverse to? Am I asking stupid questions? Probably.

11 What Happened At Nibelheim?

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Sephiroth is one of the greatest Final Fantasy villains of all time and it's his actions that help get him there. Throughout Final Fantasy VII, many references are made to something he did at Nibelheim. Eventually, through other media related to the game, we got our answer. Unfortunately, the problem is that we received not one, but four different answers.

Whatever happened there, it was clear that it defined Sephiroth's character and cemented his descent into a villain. One explanation states that he discovered his true parentage and it drove him completely insane. While this fact remains consistent, it is the actions that transpire afterward that are all depicted differently depending on which game or story you're looking at.

10 How Did Noctis's Mother Die?

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Very seldom does a Final Fantasy game center around royalty. Usually, those people are saved for antagonists or supporting characters. In Final Fantasy XV though, we received the protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum, the heir to the throne of Lucis. When the story opens, Noctis is traveling across the realm and completing various trials to prove his worth and protect his kingdom.

Because of how central his heritage is to his powers and character, it's strange why his mother is never mentioned. Clearly she would have to be the queen, but she must be dead when the game takes place. It begs the question: how did Noctis's mother die? Was it because of some crazy monster? Did it have something to do with the story of Final Fantasy XV?

9 What Was Cloud's Mission At The Beginning?

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Cloud is one of the more interesting protagonists of the Final Fantasy series. His no-nonsense attitude and gruff nature make him difficult to know, yet easy to follow. In the beginning of the game, it seems that he has his own agenda about him, but it's unclear what exactly it is.

By the time he runs into Tifa at the train station, we're never informed why he's there or what he's doing. Perhaps it's overall irrelevant to the plot, but it doesn't satisfy our desire for knowledge. The closest thing we ever got to know what his original mission was related to him saying, "I just want my money and I'm gone." Perhaps this was a reference to him being a potential mercenary?

8 What Is Kefka's Motivation?

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The only Final Fantasy villain that can top Sephiroth in terms of scale and execution is the jester-like being known as Kefka. The craziest of all Final Fantasy bad guys, Kefka doesn't hide what he does nor is he afraid of anything else. He wants to destroy the world and doesn't care who knows about it.

Due to his many extreme actions, it makes us wonder what his motivations are. We're never given any backstory or exposition regarding Kefka's past. All we know is that he simply wants to get rid of the world and everything in it. Some men can't be bought, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Maybe that's all we need to know about Kefka.

7 How Can People Breathe In Blitzball?

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Most Final Fantasy games these days involve some sort of minigame to break up the story and combat. In Final Fantasy X, we received the sport known as Blitzball. This combination of soccer, water polo, and foosball takes place in a giant sphere made of water. All the players swim in it and then pass a ball between each other to try and score a goal.

However, it's never explained specifically how Blitzball works the way it does. All of the players (including humans) are swimming in an enclosed water sphere. How in the world are they able to breathe the entire time? Sure, the matches last around ten minutes total, but, even then, they're all exerting themselves. They wouldn't be able to hold their breath that long.

6 What Is Cissnei's Real Name?

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is the prequel to the main series game. In it, we get to follow a soldier named Zack Fair, who tries to go against Shinra. Along the way, he meets a young girl named Cissnei, who was essentially raised by Shinra. While she does feel that her company's actions are extremely questionable, she still feels that it provides good to many people.

Still, Cissnei becomes a valuable ally for Zack along his quest. The two become very close, to the point where she tells him that "Cissnei" is not her real name. Later, she sets out to rescue him and Cloud, but never finds them and we never find out what her name is. It's assumed that her name is whatever you call her in Before Crisis (an app that only came out in Japan), but that's not good enough.

5 How Do the Characters Wield Their Weapons?

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Final Fantasy has some of the craziest weapons ever put into a video game. One look at Cloud's Buster Sword and you know there had to be some interesting brainstorm sessions for the series. However, with weapons like Tidus' Brotherhood, Squall's Gunblade, and more, there is a serious question: how in the world do these characters use them?

Some of the weapons have to be upwards of 50 pounds, which can make it difficult to swing in a close quarters fight. Granted, we're supposed to chalk it up to video game ridiculousness, but when you start to think about it, it can become quite bothersome. Even Jake the Dog couldn't lift Cloud's Buster Sword and he's a magical dog!

4 Why Is The Moon So Primitive In FFIV?

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There is a lot of interesting technology in Final Fantasy IV. Each location is peppered with a unique aesthetic. There are giant towers that also function as cities and airships flying around from every corner. It's clear that the world of Final Fantasy IV is reasonably advanced, which makes one location stand out above the rest.

Because of the advancements made in this world, it is possible to hitch a ride to the moon. Unfortunately, when you get there, you'll be noticeable disappointed. The moon is a dull landscape that is almost laughably primitive when compared to the world in Earth. With such a futuristic society, one would think that more would be done on the moon to make it welcoming and habitable.

3 The Ivalice Timeline

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There are a few times where Square tries to build some sort of continuity within Final Fantasy. One example of this is when they named the Ivalice Timeline as the universe where Final Fantasy Tactics takes place. Having an amalgamation of characters from the series, it was a decent way of justifying having them all in the same place.

However, it gets more confusing when you realize that Square also confirmed that Final Fantasy XII takes place in the Ivalice Timeline, many years earlier. However, the character Baltheir appears in another entry in the Final Fantasy Tactics series. How did he survive that long? What's his purpose for being there?

2 What Is Going On With The FF7 Remake?

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Ever since Square started remaking their games, fans have been demanding a current gen remake of Final Fantasy VII. After all, we've had remakes of Final Fantasy X and XII, despite those games coming later in history. Thankfully, Square is ready to deliver, having teased and announced that a Final Fantasy VII remake was in the works for the PS4.

However, years have gone by and apart from a few trailers, we haven't heard anything else about the game. People are expecting an announcement to be made sometime during E3, but, at this rate, we're not holding our breath. However, there are many questions about the game that still need answering and we're ready to hear more.

1 The FFVIII Ending

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After time gets compressed in Final Fantasy VIII, it's time for Squall and his comrades to take the fight to Ultimecia's Castle and take down the dark sorceress herself. After defeating her, the game ends and we're treated to a weird cutscene.

While there's no arguing that it's beautifully rendered, it raises more questions than answers. It showcases Seifer hanging out with Fujin and Raijin, despite the three having gone their separate ways and Seifer becoming a major villain. Squall also seems to be dead before being brought back to life by Rinoa, I think. Then all of the characters make an appearance in different ways and it's so strange when compared to the narrative of the game. Then there's the shot of Squall with no face.

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