14What Is Tidus?

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This isn't an unanswered question more than it is something that is so convoluted that you may not understand it. Tidus is taken from his home of Zanarkand at the beginning of Final Fantasy X. He then wakes up in a land called Spira, where Zanarkand has since been destroyed for

one thousand years. While it seems that he traveled to the future, it's much crazier than that.

Apparently, these beings called the Fayth dreamt up the world of Zanarkand in a separate reality because the real one was destroyed. Thus, Tidus and his father are both from this strange place. However, his father managed to get to Spira, then turned into the monster called Sin. Because of this, Jecht sent Auron to the fake Zanarkand to watch over Tidus. And now I'm lost. What the heck is Tidus?

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