Final Fantasy 7: 10 Abilities That Make The Game Way Too Easy

Sometimes amazing abilities can make a game way too easy. These Final Fantasy 7 features do just that.

The Final Fantasy series changes with each new game. It always tries to do something new while keeping certain comfortable actions available. The level of difficulty can vary dramatically depending on players' actions. These actions can be as simple as fighting enemies over and over until the current area is easy. Or it can be about trying to rush through the game, accepting that you'll be underpowered.

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When the player grinds or takes advantage of certain ridiculously powerful abilities, the game can become trivial. The seventh game, arguably the most popular, has abilities in it that will make the game easier. Here's Final Fantasy 7: 10 abilities that make the game way too easy.

10 The Materia System

The Materia system in the game gives the player a host of different ways to mix and match different abilities. Materia on their own can already be powerful abilities but Final Fantasy 7 gives you the option and ability to combine them with other Materia. There are certain combinations that can easily trivialize the game's difficulty.

Even the strongest Summon Materia, Knights of the Round, can make the game much too easy on its own. When combined with something like Hp Absorb, Knights of the Round will not only do massive damage but will also heal you for a portion of that damage. There are many other such combos, some of which will be listed below.

9 Grinding With Experience Plus

Grinding is a part of every single Final Fantasy game and it's generally always done the same way. While there are exceptions to how it's done, it has always been the way for when a certain part of the game is just too difficult for you. Because leveling up to 99 makes you pretty much invincible, anything that helps you do so makes the game that much easier.

In comes the Experience Plus Materia. Final Fantasy 7's Materia system provides the player with a plethora of ways to overcome difficult battles. Experience Plus simply makes getting stronger, faster. There are other Plus Materia that also play a role in this, just to a much smaller extent.

8 Limit Breaks

The other most notable addition to Final Fantasy 7's combat is the limit break system. Every character has their own unique limit breaks that can help you make the game much too easy.

Early on, Aeris has healing and other protective limit breaks at a time when your options are limited. Tifa's limit breaks all tie into one another and allow you to do a lot of damage.

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Perhaps the most well known for its power is Cloud's Omnislash. With it being Cloud's ultimate and final limit break, it needed to be powerful. Unaided, it can put out a massive amount of damage without any skill needed from the player. Aided by counter and mime, you can put out absolutely sickening levels of damage.

7 Enemy Skill Materia

For all this talk of combining Materia to devastating results, it can sometimes mean your slots are quite full. A lot of these combos aren't available early on either. In comes Enemy Skill Materia, which, so long as you keep it socketed, will grow with you. This Materia allows anyone who wears it to learn certain enemy abilities when hit by them.

The reason this is can make the game too easy is because, generally, the enemy skills and abilities you learn are much more powerful than what you're given. White Wind, Big Guard, Beta, Trine, Aqualung, Matra Magic and so much more. Each of these abilities are yours to use for only one socket spot.

6 Phoenix With Final Attack Materia

This is another example of a very potent Materia combination that will pretty much mean you will never lose a fight. The two parts to it are simple: Final Attack Materia lets the equipped character use or cast whatever it socketed with it. Phoenix resurrects any KO's party member and does fire damage to all enemies.

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Combining these two means that it becomes very difficult to lose a battle. Pretty much the only enemies who will have a chance of defeating you at this point are the super weapons.

Emerald and Ruby weapon are difficult enough to party wipe you twice pretty quickly if you're not careful. For the rest of the game, though, this combination simply makes the game much too easy.

5  Mime

The Command Materia Mime is the backbone for absurd combo attack in-battle. Using this ability simply lets your character use whatever action was previously used by one of your characters. This means you can cast Knights of the Round with one character and have the other three mime it. Better yet, not only does it cost no mana to use Mime but it even takes into account Materia combinations.

As previously mentioned with Limit breaks, you can combine Mime and the Counter Materia. This will allow said character to Mime every time they're hit. Use Omnislash and then let yourself be hit and be amazed as you omnislash your enemy to death. The same goes for any magic or summon combined with the Quadra Magic Materia.

4 Items

Every game seems to have them and, for many gamers, Items are something to be saved and never used. However, if you can get past that mentality then items will very quickly make the game much easier than you would ever expect. Early on there are potions and ethers but there are also quite a lot of attack items. Utilizing these items will quickly make any difficult battle, manageable.

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But the usefulness of items doesn't stop there, there are also stat-boosting items. Anything that makes your character stronger or turns the tide of battle will make the game dramatically easier. Furthermore, items can be used by any of your characters and don't require any particular set-up. When in doubt as to whether to use them, just use them.

3 W Materia

This means W Item, Magic and Summon Materia. Each of these Materia are gotten quite late in the game but show that they are well worth it. The W Item lets you use two items and has a famously broken glitch that it enables. Items are some of the most underutilized and powerful things in Final Fantasy. Therefore, using two at once further increases their usefulness.

W Magic can be very potent as well, allowing multiple uses of both defensive and offensive magic. Casting Comet 2, which hits multiple times, twice, further increases the amount of damage. W Summon is equally as important because it allows one character to cast Knights of the Round twice. This is notable because Knights of the Round doesn't work with Quadra magic.

2 Saving

This is an ability given to players in many different games but it is also one of the most powerful. For those old enough to remember, saving has not always been as accessible as it is now or was when Final Fantasy 7 came out. Play some of the original Final Fantasy's and you'll see just how amazing this ability is.

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Not only does saving allow you to play the game in nice sized chunks of time but it also means that you can save before a difficult fight. It allows you to change your tactics, equipment and Materia set-up if your previous ones didn't succeed. Saving isn't an ability you'd normally consider as making the game too easy but it does. Without it, Final Fantasy 7 would be much more difficult to complete.

1 Master Materia

With the Meta entry out of the way, here is the ultimate ability that makes the game too easy. Master Matera is your reward for doing just that, mastering all Materia of a certain type. Specifically, there are Master Command, Magic and Summon. Each of these, when equipped, lets your chosen character use all forms of Magic, Summons, and Commands.

These Materia are so powerful that if you haven't already beaten everything, they will enable you to do that. The sheer amount of options that they give the equipped character means that you will have an answer to every problem. Furthermore, they free up space so you can equip even more Materia. If the game wasn't easy enough for you, these will make it even easier.

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