10 Quotes From Final Fantasy 7 That Will Stay With Us Forever

Final Fantasy 7 is filled with amazing lines. These are its most memorable quotes.

Final Fantasy VII is a title which has captivated fans for decades. Easily one of, if not the greatest Final Fantasy game of all time, FFVII has been reviewed time and time again for an intuitive combat system, character depth, world-building, optional side quests, and the sheer volume of content alone.

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To date, FFVII has spawned three video game spin-offs, two film additions, and a remake. All of this is a testament to the depth of the game and the place it holds in the hearts of fans. Behind any story of this magnitude, the characters involved will drive the narrative. Within this narrative, here are ten quotes which have stuck with us and withstood the tests of time.

10 “It’s Cuz of that !W#$ ‘pizza’ that everyone down here is suffering.” – Barret Wallace

Barret is easily one of the most energetic characters in FFVII. While a good deal of his quotes contain expletives, as evidenced here, Barret is a natural leader and the driving force of the early events in the game. Despite his harsh exterior, Barret often shows a level of depth which is accentuated by his heart of gold.

For those unfamiliar with this quote, it comes early in the game. First time players might laugh, not fully considering the depth of what is being said. The “pizza” Barret refers to is the upper city of Midgar which is essentially the high-class section of the city while all others live below.

9 “It’s like this train. It can’t run anywhere except where its rails take it.” – Cloud Strife

Rolling along with a second quote from the same conversation, Cloud makes a profound observation on the lives of citizens in Midgar. After Barret makes the statement above, he goes on to discuss how polluted the land is underneath the plate, and how people stay because they love their homelands. Cloud then makes this statement.

What is so profound about this statement is how applicable the metaphor is in real life. We all have choices. We are all able to continue down our chosen paths. At the end of the day, we can only move where our paths take us, and we are all locked on a rail of sorts.

8 “There ain’t no getting offa this train we on” – Barret Wallace

Fans of FFVII will immediately recognize this quote as an inspirational one used to reaffirm the party’s commitment and to motivate Cloud away from his identity crisis. In saying this, Barret is essentially stating that the party is bound together despite differences and struggles in each character’s background.

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This quote really epitomizes perseverance and friendship. The metaphor of a train returns and stands valid. As stated earlier in the game, life can be a bit like a railroad. Everyone is committed once they are on it, and the only way to get off is to ride it until the end.

7 “I’ll smash em.” – Tifa Lockheart

In a sign of the times when FFVII was created, there are a number of questionable scenes which many fans will agree hold a more humorous spot in our hearts. During the early part of the game, in Sector 6’s Wall Market, the player has to infiltrate the mansion of a man named Don Corneo by having the two female characters, Tifa and Aeris, as well as Cloud, dress up for a date to be appraised.

There are many pieces of this sequence which make it memorable and inappropriate. The quote here is one of three threats made toward Corneo in order to get him to talk. What will be smashed if he doesn’t comply will go unnamed, but it’s unlikely that you don’t already know if you’ve played the game.

6 “…because it’s our job.” – Rude

This quote also involves Don Corneo, but it is a much different audience he is entertaining.

Reno and Rude are members of an operative group called the Turks which work for the Shinra Electric Power Company. Shinra is a major organization throughout the world in FFVII, supplying energy through the refinement of Mako which powers all the conveniences used. The organization serves as the home for most of the game’s antagonists.

Reno and Rude are often the comedic relief of the game, displaying a sort of buffoonery throughout. This statement is the last spoken to Don Corneo before his death, and serves as a reminder that despite the laughs, they are dedicated professionals. And we all have to do our job.

5 “Words aren’t the only thing that tell people what you’re thinking.” – Tifa Lockheart

The silent love story which plays out between Cloud and Tifa throughout FFVII is one which sticks in your mind by itself. Throughout the game, Tifa reaches Cloud’s vulnerable side and reveals her own vulnerabilities time and time again. Perhaps it is the tough exterior which both portray which compels her to make this quote to Cloud.

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As is the case with many of these quotes, this is a perfect concept to keep in mind. There is an adage which states that actions are louder than words, and this quote is directly in line with that statement.

4 “These hands are a little too stained to carry her anymore” – Dyne

An example of the depth of characters in this game comes to light when you consider Dyne. From the beginning, Barret is seen to have a daughter named Marlene. Following events at the Gold Saucer, the player party is thrown in prison for a crime which Barrett is mistakenly accused. In the junkyard of the prison, they find the “boss,” a man named Dyne.

Dyne is the father of Marlene. After an extremely emotional sequence where Barret tries to take Dyne back to Marlene, Dyne makes this quote before throwing himself over a cliff. The story is truly thought provoking and illustrates two opposite examples of how we carry trauma. Dyne’s quote is echoed by Barret, but only one has the strength to persevere and carry on.

3 “Will you all come with me?” – Cloud Strife

There’s more to unpack than just this single line. During the monologue which includes it, Cloud is explaining the control which Sephiroth has over him. He explains that something inside of him made him give Sephiroth the Black Materia and put Aeris’ life at risk. But he also explains that he must stop him.

When he asks his friends to join him, it is to save him from doing something terrible. Whether asking them to restrain him, asking them to give him resolve, or just asking them to ensure that his course doesn’t change, Cloud knows the power of friendship and looks to his friends to be his strength.

2 “How many people in this world do ya think really understand themselves?” – Barret Wallace

Once again displaying his depth, Barret offers this bit of reflection to Cloud when he is at his lowest and ready to give up. He addresses Cloud’s depression and reminds him that people get depressed but continue on. He essentially says that is just a part of life and that Cloud has to continue his pursuit.

This is a valuable piece of advice which we should all retain. How many teenagers need to know that it’s okay to question what you thought you knew? How many of our friends are struggling to find who they’re supposed to be? We all have to push forward instead of running away if we ever want to reap the benefit of our struggles.

1 “What you pursue will be yours, but you will lose something dear…” - Cait Sith

The final item on this list is the true prophesy offered by the awkward companion Cait Sith who is initially encountered as a vague fortune teller. Upon giving the prophesy, Cait Sith insists that the player party must take him along with them.

This prophesy is clearly a reference to Aeris’ death, and while it is a stunning moment for most players when they realize this, the quote is absolutely applicable to everyone’s life. Nothing is gained without sacrifice, and the way that this game invests you in the sacrifice made to achieve your goals is a hard thought to overcome.

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