Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 5 Things It Needs To Do (& 5 Things It Needs To Cut)

With the release of a new trailer, it's finally starting to look like the Final Fantasy VII remake may actually become a reality sometime this decade (fingers crossed). Fans have been clamoring for the beloved game to get a facelift and re-release for years now, ever since Sony teased them with a tactical PS3 demo showcasing a newly animated version of the PS1 classic's opening. While Final Fantasy VII is beyond any shadow of a doubt one of the greatest video games ever made, calling it perfect would still be something of an overstatement. With the remake coming out soon, let's hope the developers decide to keep these five aspects of the game that worked brilliantly, while losing these five that didn't.

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10 Keep It: Materia

The materia system, while it has yet to make its return to the Final Fantasy franchise, is arguably one of the best magic systems in any RPG currently in existence. Players could make different combinations to give spells an extra punch, or even, in some cases, multiple casts. The combinations were endless, and the possibilities many. While the FF7 remake will no longer feature the original game's active time battle system in favor of real-time combat, it would be a huge mistake to phase out materia as well.

9 Lose it: Weak Translation

At certain points in Final Fantasy VII, a character would say a line that just felt... out of place. Something like Tifa calling Barret the "r" word. The Gold Saucer battle mini-game giving you the option to say "off course!" Or who could forget the infamous "this guy are sick." For the remake, let's hope the developers spend a little more time making sure the characters are actually saying what they're supposed to say. At the very least, please drop the exclamation point after "Attack while it's tail's up!" It's confusing and makes people die.

8 Keep it: The Music

Do. Not. Change. A. Single. Note. The soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII is a knockout, with each individual theme or melody bringing a new level of emotion to the game's stellar story. The music was so good it even made just flying around the overworld map in the Highwind feel like a transcendent experience. And Sephiroth's theme? Come on. The best. Rerecord and improve the sound, sure. But recreating the music faithfully will be essential to the game's success.

7 Lose it: Barret "Mr. T" Wallace

Obviously, removing Barret from the game would be a tremendous mistake. He's as iconic as any in the game. That said, Barret is pretty clearly an offensive stereotype. He speaks in ebonics and swears, something none of the other characters do. At times, he feels more like "Shaft" than a real person.

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Barret has a compelling backstory, and his relationship with Dyne and his daughter are well done. Making him feel more like a real person in this version of the game would be a big step forward in terms of minority representation in games (although based on the trailer, it's not looking good).

6 Keep it: Limit Breaks

Limit breaks were one of the coolest parts about Final Fantasy VII. Just when it looks like you're out of the fight, your limit gauge charges up and you absolutely let loose with an Omnislash or Final Heaven and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. While, as mentioned before, combat will be very different in the remake, it just wouldn't be FF7 without limit breaks. Based on the new trailer, it does look as though limit breaks will be making their return, and that's great news for any die-hard fan.

5 Lose it: Homophobia

Homophobia runs rampant in Final Fantasy VII. Whether it's at the Honey Bee Inn, where Cloud begrudgingly gets into a hot tub with a group of homosexual men who feel more like The Village People than actual human beings, or dressing up like a woman to fool Don Corneo into inviting you back to his quarters, the game's repeated choice to use sexuality for laughs feels tired and backward in 2019. Hopefully, the developers will find a way to bring this part of the game into the modern age.

4 Keep it: Gold Saucer Mini Games

Who doesn't love the Gold Saucer? In a game where the storyline can actually get pretty heavy sometimes, it's a welcome diversion. And the games are a blast--whether it's G-Bike, the basketball toss, or even the silly, adorable Mog House, the Gold Saucer is like pausing the game to go to a Dave and Busters if different parts of Dave and Busters were connected by a series of tunnels. Wait a minute--Dave and Buster's Sword! Brilliant. They're gonna use that--watch.

3 Lose it: Save Points

Nothing was worse than sitting in your parents' basement, trying desperately to save your six hours of progress while they repeatedly tell you it's time to turn off the Playstation. Or finally beating Ruby Weapon, only for the power to go out and you to lose everything.

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Save points were the worst, and fortunately, most games have now phased them out. If they're smart, the developers will give the remake an auto save feature.

2 Keep it: Chocobo Racing

The entire chocobo side quest in Final Fantasy VII was one of the most fun and the most rewarding. While the breeding is what eventually got you powerful spells like Knights of the Round, it's the racing that really has a chance to improve in the Final Fantasy VII remake. Improved controls and graphics could make this game mode less of a chore and more of a blast. More courses, different power ups, and a more MarioKart style of play could make for a can't miss addition.

1 Lose it: Random Battles

Arguably the worst part of Final Fantasy VII was the random battles. You're trying to explore a new area, or figure out where to go, and you keep tripping up and landing in a fight that adds five minutes to what should take you about two. Getting rid of random battles is a must, and giving players the choice to avoid or engage in battle is something that could greatly improve the game.

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