10 Questions We Have about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake After The Trailer

It actually happened. The world rotated on its axis, the planets aligned, and minor tremors were felt worldwide -- these were the screams of excited Final Fantasy VII fans who finally got a taste of what's to come.

The orbital disturbance rocked the gaming community as though Meteor itself was headed straight for our planet as the news came riding in on the end of Sony's State of Play broadcast. It was rumored that news would be released, but the last thing anyone expected was a lengthy teaser, complete with next-gen graphics, flawless active gameplay, and boss renditions we've only ever dreamed about. In fact, some of us are still questioning whether the last 12 hours have been real or just an altered reality.

So, what questions do we still have for Tetsuya Nomura and his devs? There's quite a few.

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10 When Is The Release Date?

FFVIIR fans have been put through plenty over the last four years. Not only was a trailer leaked back in 2015, but it was then revealed that the project was halted, thus crushing spirits and destroying any hope for a future game.

While some of us held on, rumors began brewing that a revamp was in the works and, instead, we got a Kingdom Hearts III trailer at E3 rather than a much-anticipated VII trailer. Talk about a low blow. Now, it seems that Square Enix finally has all of their ducks in a row -- shortly after the trailer, Nomura stated on Twitter that 'Most of the plans are already in place in the run-up to launch' and promised more info in the upcoming month.

9 Where, In The Name Of Midgar, Is Tifa?

Yet another question that surfaced shortly after the internet exploded was this one. Considering it has been confirmed that the game will be released in episode form, this begs the question of where Cloud's true (don't @ us) love interest is in the teaser.

Up to this point, both she, Sephiroth, Vincent, and Red XII have been very much kept secret in terms of reveals. Understandably, the latter two won't have a part until a later episode. However, Tifa should be front and center, no? Rather, the teaser focused mostly on Cloud and Aerith, with the slightest hint of the One-Winged Angel himself to get fans hyped.

8 Will Players Be Able To Switch Between Characters?

A concern of many was the decision to do away with turn-based combat by Square Enix. Obviously, this is a remake, not a remaster -- we already have one of those. Following this choice, many were skeptical of the capacity the game would have to alternate between four main party members.

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While it's a bit questionable via the teaser, there does seem to be a way to toggle the character choice via the 'L1' and 'R1' buttons. Whether or not this will be confirmed next month still remains to be seen, but if we're putting our trust in Nomura, we'd have to say this will likely be the case.

7 How Long Will The Game (Or Episodes) Be?

Since the game is still presumed to be released episodically, this begs the question of game length. The only episode-like gameplay we've seen thus far in terms of Final Fantasy titles has been from Final Fantasy XV, during which the longest DLC episode has been roughly three hours when played to completion.

For Final Fantasy VIIR, we're likely looking at a Final Fantasy XIII situation -- But for all that is good under the Cetra, we're just going to hope that it's not nearly as bad as that trilogy was. So, while we have no definitive answers until next month, we'll assume that each episode will be the average length of a game if not slightly shorter.

6 Will We Get Aerith's Skewer Scene In Full HD?

If the game continues on like it seems it will, then the answer is likely yes. This was an emotional scene for many who grew an attachment to Aerith (fools, the lot of us), and many have been wondering what it will look like now that the graphics are next-gen.

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The Final Fantasy franchise is not known for being overly graphic (excluding Type-0) so this will likely be a high-stress point in the game for many of us playing it. Chances are, the first episode will probably extend just past that point, so we wouldn't be surprised if we get to see it within the next year. Have the tissues handy.

5 Will Materia Still Have A Place In The Game?

Obviously, a massive plot point of FFVII was gameplay through the use of materia. Much like being able to swap weapons in and out of slots, Materia was how a player was able to equip certain magic attacks and defenses. The closest comparative item in any other modern game would likely be something like an amulet or bracelet (although, FFVII has those, too), so we can't help but wonder how this will play into the modern rendition.

If we had to guess, the player will probably pick this up or earn them just as in the original game, however, we have yet to see a menu other than what correlates to the battle system.

4 Speaking Of Battle Systems, Where Are The Limit Breaks?

In the original FFVII, we knew max attacks by the name of 'limit breaks', a term that has since morphed with the modernization of Final Fantasy games. Once again, the closest game we can compare this remake to would be XV, in which case, limit breaks would be something akin to a filled armiger or a full range of link attacks.

In the trailer, it appears that Cloud's limit breaks are already selected -- what's unclear is whether they'll need to be charged up as they were during turn-based combat. Once again, this is nothing but speculation as, in typical Nomura fashion, we're left jonesing for more.

3 Will The Remake Include Elements From Japan's Version Of The Game?

We have absolutely no way of answering this and are utterly in the dark as far as plot holes are concerned. That's not to say that there were any plot holes in the original version of the game; it is common knowledge, however, that North America was given a simplified story. In Japan, the full version was released, complete with elements of the story that weren't necessary in order for the game to make sense, but would have been nice to know about.

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In reality, the true story is a bit more expansive than what we're familiar with which leads us to believe that the length, combined with episodic gameplay, will include the missing pieces.

2 Will Vincent Have His Own Episode?

Something many have taken to social media to discuss is whether or not this game will feature individual character episodes. We have seen this before and it's something that concerns many gamers considering Square Enix's track record with deadlines.

It has taken many years for us to get so much as a teaser which doesn't bode entirely well for additional episodes from the game. Then again, now that Kingdom Hearts III is released, development might go at a slightly faster pace. It's anyone's guess as to whether or not we'll have full character development through the main story or additional episodes.

1 What About DLC Episodes?

In all honesty, it wouldn't make much sense to have DLC for a game that has previously been fully-fleshed out. Unlike other games that Square Enix has created, there's not much backstory that we don't know about. Additionally, when FFVII first arrived on the gaming scene, we didn't have DLC -- we had actual games devoted to certain characters.

Although Dirge of Cerberus received terrible reviews and Crisis Core was fairly overshadowed, they still did a decent job at providing the background that wasn't in the main story. While it wouldn't make sense for Square Enix to remake these games, we doubt they'll create DLC for games that already exist, although we'd love a little Sephiroth history.

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