Final Fantasy 7: Every Summon Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful

Summons have been an integral aspect of the Final Fantasy series since time immemorial, featuring some of the most iconic imagery present in the series that fans still associate with their favorite titles in the franchise. From classics like Ifrit and Shiva all the way to some hidden gems like Doomtrain and Diablos, there's no shortage of cool and awe-inspiring summons in the Final Fantasy series.

This is the case with Final Fantasy VII as well, featuring a litany of excellent summons that also happened to be 3D-animated for the very first time. The result was nothing short of a spectacle, featuring some incredible summon animations that were truly incredible at that point in time.

Of course, cool animations aren't enough to rank summons — utility also matters. If you want to run through the original Final Fantasy VII before the remake comes, keep yourself updated with the most powerful summons in the game by reading through this list!

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15 Choco/Mog

The first summon that you receive in Final Fantasy VII also happens to be the weakest of the bunch. While the animations and diversity of Choco/Mog might be somewhat enticing, the fact of the matter is that the usefulness of this summon dwindles further down the line as you get more classic and powerful summons down the line.

14 Kujata

At a glance, it might seem like heresy to put Kujata so down the list. However, the fact of the matter is that — regardless of this summon's intense power — the multi-elemental attack of Kujata can actually prove to be a double-edged sword. If the enemy has a resistance to a particular element or can — god forbid — absorb an element, then Kujata can end up being a detriment to your party instead.

13 Typhon

A character from Final Fantasy VI who ended up being a fan-favorite of sorts, Typhon makes his entry into the list at a lower spot since his summon functionality is similar to that of Kujata. While he's certainly powerful, this strategy can definitely backfire if not carried out properly.

12 Shiva

A classic summon that has been in the Final Fantasy series since time immemorial, it must be said that Shiva's entry into the party is a breath of fresh — and cold — air. The only sad part about this summon is that you obtain her early-on in the game, meaning that her utility pretty much dwindles further down the line.

11 Ifrit

Another stalwart member of the illustrious Final Fantasy VII summon repertoire makes their way on this list. Any person who's fairly well-versed when it comes to the Final Fantasy games pretty much knows what Ifrit is all about, featuring one of the most iconic summons in the form of Hellfire.

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Alas, as is the case with Shiva, Ifrit is also obtained pretty early on and loses his charm — and power — further down the line.

10 Titan

By all means, Titan's power and utility at the time when you receive this summon should ideally make him a stalwart member of your party. However, there's one catch — Titan's attack can't hurt aerial enemies, reducing his usefulness somewhat. However, regardless of what the implications of this may be, he is still a pretty useful member of your party.

9 Ramuh

Guess what — another household name from the Final Fantasy series has made this list! Anyone who's played the games from this series — especially Final Fantasy XV — wouldn't really require any introduction when it comes to Ramuh. His inclusion in Final Fantasy VII is somewhat random (you find him just before the Chocobo Racing minigame starts), but still a welcome one nevertheless.

8 Bahamut

Ah, here we go. You just know that Bahamut was going to make this list at some point or the other, and for good reason. After all, the Dragon King is perhaps the most iconic summon of the Final Fantasy series, making him just a tad bit more special. The fact that there are three forms of this summon should make it painfully clear as to just how important this summon is to the Final Fantasy series as a whole.

7 Odin

Speaking of iconic summons, how could we even fail to mention the legend himself? It must be said that Odin is definitely one of the best and most powerful Final Fantasy summons, without a shadow of a doubt. His Gungnir does quite a bit of damage, but the main reason why this summon is so powerful is because of Zantetsuken, which instantly wipes out the enemy with the greatest of ease.

6 Neo Bahamut

The second form of Bahamut that you get a fair ways into the game is definitely worth noting, mainly due to the fact that he levitates an entire sqaudron of enemies in the air and absolutely blasts the life outta them. If that isn't cool, then we don't know what is.

5 Alexander

Alexander is one of the coolest summons in Final Fantasy history, and it's a shame that he hasn't received as much representation as he probably should.

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His appearance in Final Fantasy IX is probably the most memorable of the lot — even though he couldn't be summoned — but his effectiveness in Final Fantasy VII shouldn't be counted out either, dealing massive holy damage to great effect.

4 Phoenix

The utility of Phoenix as a summon simply can't be stated enough. After all, while summons that beat enemies to a pulp might be useful enough in itself, how many of these summons can simultaneously heal your party as well? Only Phoenix carries that distinction of being a useful summon in tough situations when you need to turn the tide of the battle.

3 Bahamut ZERO

via deviantart.com by conquerorsaint

The third and final form of Bahamut is a sight to behold, featuring the dragon king in his most intimidating form. Shooting a beam from space, this attack does massive damage to your enemies and is the magnum opus of Bahamut summons in the game by a long shot.

2 Hades

The ruler of the netherworld features as a summon in Final Fantasy VII, and his powers are nothing short of hellish indeed. We say this because of the fact that — aside from his high attack power — Hades' Black Cauldron afflicts enemies with numerous status effects. It's a great way to rain down pure agony on your enemies if you wish.

1 Knights Of The Round

It was fairly obvious for anyone even remotely familiar with Final Fantasy VII that Knights Of The Round would be making this list. It's easy to see why this is the case — no other summon hits multiple times for immense damage like this beast. The thirteen hits that come from using this summon are powerful enough to fell any beast that dares cross your path in the game.

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