Final Fantasy VII's Switch Release STILL Has The Music Glitch From The 2013 PC Port

Final Fantasy VII is now available to buy on the Nintendo Switch, but it comes with the same bugs and glitches of previous versions.

It only took a little over twenty years, but Final Fantasy VII is finally playable on a Nintendo console. Final Fantasy VII is now available to buy on the Nintendo Switch, but it comes with the same bugs and glitches that have plagued the past few versions of the game.

The version of Final Fantasy VII that appears on the Nintendo Switch is based on the remastered PC version of the game that was released in 2013 and that was also used for the iOS and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Final Fantasy VII now features improved 3D character models and backgrounds, as well as built-in cheats that allow the player to speed up the game and to disable combat encounters.

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The Nintendo Switch port of Final Fantasy VII happens to share the same music glitch that plagues Final Fantasy IX, in that the background music won't save its place when you enter a battle. In the original version of Final Fantasy VII, the field music would pause whenever you entered a battle and would resume when the battle ended.

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The modern versions of Final Fantasy VII have a glitch that causes the field music to restart at the end of a battle, which means that you will only be able to hear a full track by not moving or using the in-game cheats to disable random encounters.

The background music glitch in Final Fantasy VII isn't a game breaker and there are many areas of the game where the fans won't even notice it. The glitch is at its worst on the world map, but there are lots of places where the battles will go on for so long that it will be hard to remember where the field music had ended before the fighting had started.

The most frustrating aspect of the glitch (and a similar one in Final Fantasy IX) is that Square Enix has made no effort to fix it in the years since the game received its remastered PC port. Would it really be that difficult to patch a frustrating (if minor) glitch that has been present for almost six years?

Final Fantasy VII is available now for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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