15Coolest: Lord Larsa aka "Lamont"

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There are several characters in the Final Fantasy universes that are playable, but only temporarily. Such characters that come to mind are the likes of Aerith, Shadow, and even a vast array of moogles in FFVI (or III,

if I may). However, none of these are quite as profound as Larsa in the MMO-like adventure, FFXII. Larsa of House Solidor is like a pompous figure from Game of Thrones with the strategic military mind of Lord of the Ring’s Aragorn. “Lamont’s” intentions are questionable in your first meeting, thanks to his false identity and continuous disagreements with Balthier, but you have to love any twelve-year-old that can swoon the sultry Princess Ashe. He makes multiple experiences, each more shocking and badass than the last, but his calling down the imperial fleet, finally commanding Gabranth, and becoming the new emperor really is the coolest; all before he even kissed a girl.

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