The 10 Most Annoying Playable Final Fantasy Characters, Ranked By How Much We Didn’t Want To Use Them

Final Fantasy has some of the most memorable characters in video games. Because the franchise tends to create  40-hour RPGs, characters have more than enough time to capture a player's interest and affection. In this way, a community is born through a shared love for these games, leading to fan art, game hacks, and inspiring cosplay. There is so much appreciation out there.

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For today, let’s do the opposite of love and tackle something a bit less pleasant. It’s time to complain about the worst characters in the series. Some games could fill an entire list (cough Final Fantasy XIII cough), but, in the name of fairness, only one character per game will be permitted. Otherwise, it would have turned into a blood bath. Remember, this is a list for the most annoying Final Fantasy characters, not the worst.

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10 Ward Zabac

Ward lands at the top - or bottom, depending on how one wants to view this list - because he isn’t that annoying. He’s just kind of a waste of space in Final Fantasy VIII. Save for a couple of words, Ward essentially says nothing. It has something to do with his voice box.

It doesn’t make a whole lick of sense nor does him using a freaking broken anchor as a weapon. Everything tied to the Laguna time travel stuff is a whole can of worms.

9 Vaan

It’s hard to think about Vaan from Final Fantasy XII without remembering that ridiculous segment where he yells, “I'm Captain Basch fon Rosenburg of Dalmasca!” In turn, it is difficult to not think about the Mega64 video making fun of said segment.

Anyway, the problem with Vaan is that he doesn’t belong. Except for some early story tie-ins, his presence, along with Penelo’s, is irrelevant to the main story at hand. If anything, Final Fantasy XII is Ashe's game. Shut up about becoming a pirate Vaan! Nobody cares.

8 Gau

Gau is the small child Sabin comes across in Final Fantasy VI. He is the stand-in for the Blue Mage class from previous entries. That is to say, he can learn techniques from monsters, which comes in handy.

However, because he speaks gibberish, his role in the story is unimportant. Past this section he is ultimately forgotten about, which probably no one ever complained about.

7 Prompto Argentum

The close bond between the four bros of Final Fantasy XV is indeed heartwarming. However, like any good friend, there are some things about them that can drive one mad. In the case of Prompto, he is chipper all of the time, which eventually becomes grating.

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No Prompto, it is not the time to take a photo! It’s as redundant a question as Ignis always saying something about discovering a new recipe. Hey, that’s video games. They can only record so much dialogue.

6 Mustadio Bunansa

Mainline or spin-off, Final Fantasy Tactics is, without question, the hardest game in the series. Sure, some secret bosses like the Weapons in Final Fantasy VII are hardcore, but in terms of an overall difficulty curve, Tactics is at the top. One of the hardest mission types is having to protect someone.

Mustadio, the Engineer, decides it’s a good idea to fly into the heat of battle while outnumbered. He is incredibly stupid in his introductory mission and made it one of the most frustrating of the entire game, which in turn made some despise his character.

5 Eiko Carol

Oh, where to begin with Eiko? Well, for one she is a kid and kids in RPGs can often be taxing. She’s a typical brat that wants to steal the scene while always thinking she is right. On top of that, she starts to have a thing, sort of, for Vivi.

Now, in all fairness, that might just be the fan service vibes though. Anyway, what also stinks is her Eidolon list is severely lacking compared to Garnet. So, she’s not a good character story-wise and is rather useless in battles.

4 Cait Sith

First of all, can anyone explain how Cait Sith works? He is controlled by Reeve at Shinra, but how can that be? If Cait Sith is always in the party, which would be a crazy mistake because his battle skills are impressively terrible, then how does Reeve get any work done?

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Why didn’t anyone catch him? He’s in charge of an entire division at Shinra! Also, how can he control the cat and mog at the same time? There are just too many questions. Next!

3 Edward Chris von Muir

No, this is not about Edgar from Final Fantasy VI. That guy has some class. Who doesn’t want to literally drill every enemy? Ah, good times. No, this entry is about Edward, the prince from Final Fantasy IV that briefly joins the party.

Edward is a bard, meaning he can’t do damage to save his life and even his job’s talents don’t come in handy. He has an arc, which ends with him gaining more confidence, but it didn’t make that section of the game any less annoying.

2 Hope Estheim

Except for Sazh and maybe Lightning, everyone - from the main characters to the villains - just sucks in Final Fantasy XIII. There is a case to be made for all of them, but the worst among the lot has to be Hope.

Hope is the epitome of a crybaby. However, because he becomes like the President of the world in the sequel and thus mellows out, he is only number two. It’s like the change for Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. They were losers but then evolved into totally killer showboats.

1 Tidus

Another crybaby who takes a painfully long time to become likable is Tidus from Final Fantasy X. “My old man hates me.” “Blitzball, Blitzball, Blitzball!” Okay, those aren’t literal lines in the game, but that’s basically the gist.

For the main character, Tidus pales in comparison to many of the franchise's other leads. The ending's revelation and underwhelming voice acting do little to improve matters, especially the latter. While Tidus does act somewhat realistically for a 17-year-old teenager, that does not mean he is likable. At best, Tidus can be somewhat relatable.

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