Final Fantasy: 10 Best Hairdos, Officially Ranked

Game play is vital to a successful gaming experience. If controls aren't tight and the mechanics aren't engaging, the game is not worth its weight in bits. However, that's not the only thing that determines whether it is good or bad. The artistic design is just as important. Certain games possess a peculiar charm that inspires players to finish it, even if other elements are lackluster.

One series that consistently combines both stellar RPG mechanics and beautiful artistic direction is Final Fantasy. Throughout its more than thirty year history, Square Enix - previously known as Square Soft - has meticulously crafted countless worlds for players to explore. Each one of these is filled with memorable characters who are just as notable for their look as they are for their personalities.

The artistic direction doesn't always pan out for the best, but it always sticks in players' memories. The clothing, makeup, and hairstyles can sometimes feel nonsensical or defy the laws of gravity. It bothers some people, but others wouldn't have it any other way. As a celebration of the game's fashion, this list will take a look at the ten most awesome hairdos featured in the franchise. Take note that best doesn't necessarily mean that it's objectively good, but it deserves praise for the sheer amount of effort these characters must put into it when they wake up in the morning.

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10 Zidane


Zidane is a mysterious character. He eventually learns more about himself, but not until later in the game. It's funny then, that his hair adopts the classic "open book" style.

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The perfect part down the middle looks like someone could start reading from his scalp. Admittedly, it helps pick him out in a crowd, something important for the graphics limitations of the PS1, but he won't be winning any fashion awards for his style.

9 Rikku

Rikku FF X-2

Rikku's Final Fantasy X hairstyle is surprisingly subdued for the series. It is in the game's sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, where her do really shines.

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It is difficult to tell if she simply woke up like that, or if a bird set up a nest while she was sleeping. The mop is simply all over the place, and a comb or brush would probably explode into flames if it got anywhere near it.

8 Noctis

Noctis FF XV

Is Noctis the prince of Insomnia, or the lead singer for a mid 2000s emo band? Is he on his way to his wedding with Lunafreya, or heading to the next Warped Tour location? The game says it is the former of each of those questions, but the hairstyle says otherwise. One can make fun of it all day, but it does make sense in the story. Noctis is still a young man during the events of Final Fantasy XV, still unwise and emotionally unbalanced. The youthful hairstyle reflects this.

7 Tidus

Tidus FF X remaster cover

Final Fantasy X's lead character has been the butt of jokes since the game's release in 2001. Hopefully, those that make the jokes are better at laughing than he is. Comparisons to Meg Ryan were abundant back in the day, though no disrespect is meant towards the talented actress. Would she be up for the task if they ever did a live action adaptation of the game. though?

6 Zack Fair

Zack fair Advent children

Cloud's identity is defined by Zack Fair, but little was known about the character until 2007's Crisis Core on the PSP. Even on the PS1 primitive polygonal graphics, it was easy to tell that Cloud could never achieve Zack's level of spikey haired greatness. It's as if he dries his hair with a jet engine after taking a shower, but carefully avoids a few strands. Whatever his secret is, it did little to protect him against Shinra soldiers' bullets.

5 Amarant Coral

Amarant Coral Final Fantasy IX

Even with artist's depictions, it's hard to tell exactly what's going on atop Amarant Coral's head. Are they dreadlocks? If so, how does he keep them so perfectly in place? It doesn't appear as though he has a scrunchie or a headband.

4 Seymour Guado

Seymour Guado Final Fantasy X

Seymour Guado is a weird looking dude. He dresses like a lech, with a robe that exposes his chest and most of his stomach, but his hair tells a different story. Just how much gel does he use to keep all of that suspended in air, and what does he do when it rains? Maybe all Yuna and party needed to do to avoid his creepy advances was wait for a little precipitation.

3 Wakka

Wakka FF X Besaid Island

As an expert Blitzball player, Wakka can swim like a fish. Strangely, his hair is never affected by the time he spends inside water. Come to think of it, no one's locks are ever dampened by the water. Does Spira have the technology to craft gel capable of resisting water? Maybe they would have defeated Sin a little sooner if they had spent more time thinking of ways to defeat it instead of worrying about their hair.

2 Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII remake Sephiroth

A sad fact of life is that attractive people can get away with worse things simply because they look good. Sephiroth's long silver hair is so stylish, it honestly wouldn't feel that bad if he had ended up destroying the world with Meteor.

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That's not even mentioning his rock hard abs. Many of the styles listed here are ironically good, Sephiroth's is legitimately impressive.

1 Lightning Farron

Lightning Farron FF XIII

Lightning's hair and overall design is so stunning, she became a model for real world products. It may be weird to some, but there's nothing wrong with it. From the light pink color to the select few strands that flow passed her shoulders, everything about the style is perfect. Some may take issues with Final Fantasy XIII, but they can't say anything bad about Lightning's do.

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