Locke From Final Fantasy VI Is The Next Character Coming To Dissidia NT

The next character to arrive in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and the Japan-exclusive Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade game has been announced during a recent livestream. Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI will be the latest fighter to join the game.

Locke Cole will be the third representative in Dissidia NT for Final Fantasy VI. His combat style is based on speed, which is similar to how he fought in Final Fantasy VI, as his highest stats were Speed and Evasion.

Locke's outfit is based on his official artwork that was created by Yoshitaka Amano. This high level of detail was impossible to recreate on a Super Nintendo, which meant that Locke's sprite used a much simpler design in Final Fantasy VI. For those fans who yearn for Locke's nostalgic clothes; you can earn them in-game as alternate outfits.

Locke can also use four different weapons in battle: the Main Gauche, the Thief Knife, the Assassin's Dagger, and the Valiant Knife.

Via Square-Enix

The fans had predicted that Locke would be the next character chosen for the game. This is due to clues that have been given out by Square Enix concerning the upcoming DLC characters for the game. The clue for Locke was that he was a male character from the older end of the series, which meant all games before Final Fantasy VIII. Locke had previously been considered for the Dissidia games on the PlayStation Portable, but he was scrapped for unknown reasons. This meant that he was a prime candidate for inclusion in Dissidia NT, as Square has promised that lots of DLC characters would be added to the game throughout its run.

Final Fantasy VI has one of the largest character rosters in the series, so some fans will undoubtedly be disappointed that Locke was chosen to represent the game in Dissidia NT, as he is one of the least interesting characters in terms of his fighting ability. Sabin seems like a more natural choice, considering his range of impressive special moves and the fact that he once suplexed a train, but the androgynous pretty boys are big in Japan, so Sabin and his muscles & vest combo are left in the dust.

Locke Cole will become available on the Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade game on the 17th of May. He will be coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in June.

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