Final Fantasy Music Is Now Available On Streaming Services, To Every Orchestra's Dismay

Cloud Barrett

Final Fantasy soundtracks are now available on streaming services worldwide.

Square Enix announced quite a few blockbuster arrivals at this year’s E3, including the impending release of the remade Final Fantasy VII and a remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII. But the thing we’re most excited about? Square Enix’s entire music library is now available from music streaming services around the world.

Announced at the Square Enix live event on Monday was the worldwide release the entire Final Fantasy series original soundtracks. No longer will you be forced to listen to poor rips on YouTube or illegal downloads from sketchy torrent sites. These will digitally streamed originals straight from Square Enix to your cellular phone.

Square will make their Final Fantasy soundtrack database available on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music, as well as PlayStation Music, Line Music, ANiUTa anime music streaming service, Japanese streaming site Smart Usen, and Chinese site Bilibili. Google Play, it seems, did not warrant its own Final Fantasy section.

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Along with the announcement came a curious trailer that shows a woman walking into a coffee shop with an orchestra in tow. She flips out her smartphone, scrolls through various Final Fantasy tunes (including “Don’t Be Afraid” from Final Fantasy V, which causes the percussionist to whip out a pair of shakers), and then leaves just as she selects “Fanfare”.

Oh, and the Barrista’s name is Tifa. Because nothing Square Enix does is without an Easter egg.

For those that prefer the full orchestra sound, Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy is still touring with composer Nobuo Uematsu and conductor Arnie Roth. What began in 2007 as a single tour has since grown into a full-time touring gig with Square Enix’s blessing (and backing).

They play in Melbourne, Australia August 24th, Phoenix, Arizona September 7th, and Seattle, Washington September 11th. Tickets are available now, or you can just stick with the original digital sounds coming out of your smartphone. Either way, the world will have more Final Fantasy music, and that’s a good thing.

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