The Final Fantasy Gift Guide

When it comes to RPGs, there is no franchise quite like Final Fantasy. This long-running series has delivered numerous games set in different worlds with new characters. With so many beloved gameplay mechanics, stories, and more coming from these titles, it's easy to see why there are so many fans of Square Enix's tentpole series.

With their being so many Final Fantasy fans, the door is wide open for merchandise. If you know a fan of these games and want to get them a gift, then look no further than our Final Fantasy gift guide. Here are 10 of the best items.

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While most Final Fantasy games feature new characters and settings, the monsters generally remain the same. Tonberrys are one of the iconic monsters in the games, wielding lamps and knives.

They slowly walk up to the party before going in for the kill. That's why this Tonberry room lamp would make an excellent gift. Not only does it serve as a statue of an iconic Final Fantasy character, but it also lights up a room, giving it a fantastical atmosphere. It should be noted that the design of the Tonberry is based on its appearance in A Realm Reborn Final Fantasy XIV.


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While many of the characters from Final Fantasy have become iconic, it's also their weapons that have withstood the test of time. Cloud is every bit as recognizable as his Buster Sword. Tidus' Brotherhood and Squall's Gunblade are also high on the list. This blade set takes 8 famous blades from the Final Fantasy series and puts them in miniature metal design.

They all come in a premium-looking box, making them one of the best collectibles on this list. The materials used for these blades are solid, making them feel premium as well. Any Final Fantasy fan would go crazy over this set.


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Cloud Strife is one of Final Fantasy's most popular characters. He was the star of Final Fantasy VII and has since appeared in numerous spin-offs and films. He was even extended a guest spot on the roster of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. That's why a figure of this character would make any fan happy.

It's important to note, though, that the design of this figure is based on Cloud's appearance in Kingdom Hearts (which is why there are some noticeable design changes). The figure has interchangeable hands and comes with a stand so owners can proudly display it for all to see.


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While mostly the monsters are used consistently in Final Fantasy games, there are other helpful creatures that appear multiple times as well. Moogles are adorable, bear-like creatures that give helpful tips or allow players to save their progress. They're just as iconic as any of the main characters, which is what makes this room lamp such a great gift.

It features a cute Moogle sitting blissfully on a stand. It could function as a nice statue as well as offer some mood lighting into any room. The design is based on Final Fantasy XIV, but Moogles look mostly consistent across the games, so it won't matter to most people.


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As soon as most Final Fantasy fans hear that high-pitched laughter, they know they're in for an annoying battle. Cactuars are one of the familiar monsters in the series, but not necessarily for good reasons. They're known for shooting thousands of needles, downing party members in one hit.

Also, they're extremely hard to hit and tend to run away from battles. Naturally, this Cactuar coin bank would be a great gift for Final Fantasy fans. This well-modeled Cactuar won't shoot any needles at them and won't run away with all their spare change. There's no downside to encountering this Cactuar.


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Chocobos are arguably the most recognizable part of the Final Fantasy series. These adorable, yellow birds are a staple of the franchise and are featured in a lot of marketing. They even have their own card game in the form of Chocobo's Crystal Hunt. This is a simple game where players have to acquire different types of crystals.

This is done by playing Chocobo cards to steal them from other player's hands. However, there are plenty of monster cards that can make a player's actions backfire. This card game even has its own expansion, leading to even more exciting scenarios in the future.


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Even Final Fantasy fans may not know that there is a card game for the series. Drawing from multiple games in the franchise, there is no end to the cards and expansions available. Now might be the time to introduce a fan to this card game by getting them a deck that has everything they need to play.

We recommend the Final Fantasy X starter deck because it's based on a game that just about every fan has either heard of or played. The deck comes in a minimalist, white box with colored lines indicating the elements used in the deck.


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While the HD remaster collection for Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 have been out for a few years, they've only been available for PC and Sony consoles. Now, they're coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, meaning Final Fantasy fans have a chance to play these games regardless of which platform they're using.

Even if they've played the original game, there are numerous enhancements to these HD versions, including a Master Sphere Grid, Dark Aeons, and an all-new secret boss. If you know a fan who hasn't played these great games, there is no time like the present.


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New fans of the Final Fantasy series may find it hard to go back and revisit older games like Final Fantasy III or Final Fantasy VI. That said, they may still be interested in what events and lore those games are hiding.

That's why the Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive makes for a great gift. The first volume contains all sorts of details, concept art, and more for the first six games in the series. Not only will it fill some gaps for Final Fantasy fans, but it will also start a new collection for them. There are two other volumes packed to the brim with exclusive details.


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If there's one thing that made the Final Fantasy series so great, it was the music. For many years, Square Enix has put in some of the best video game songs of all time in the Final Fantasy games.

Whether it be "A Place to Call Home" in the opening of Final Fantasy IX or "Man With the Machine Gun" in a battle sequence for Final Fantasy VIII, there are plenty of tracks to enjoy. Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy is an album released for the franchise's 20th anniversary that features music from all the games. It's simply a celebration of the series' music, and that alone makes it a worthy gift.

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