16Cid Of The Lufaine (Final Fantasy I And Dissidia)


Cid doesn't actually appear in the first Final Fantasy, though remakes mention him as the creator of the airship in generations past. The Dissidia games take this further by giving our Lufenian scientist a major role in the lore. He was tasked with creating a weapon by infusing memories into a

manikin, they call this creation 'Chaos.'

After Chaos' mother (Cid's wife) is killed, the beast frenzies and opens a portal to the Rift. There, in the ensuing events, Chaos and Cosmos (a manikin given the memories of Cid's wife) begin their cycles of war. Cid loses his body, but he makes a manikin clone of himself. Apparently, after Dissidia, this warrior goes on to be the protagonist of Final Fantasy I. Judging from the Warrior of Light, at least we know Cid had a pretty face before he was trapped in a moogle's form.

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