Final Fantasy: 25 Things About The Summons That Make No Sense

The summons are one of the best parts of the Final Fantasy series, but there are a lot of things about them that just don't really add up.

There are people out there who have never really played any of the Final Fantasy games. We feel sorry for those humans. But not as sorry as we feel for the people who've actually played the games but are not really acquainted with the summons of the series. They go through the games focusing on black or white magic and building a strong attack. All while they had the power of gods at their command.

That's what these summons seem to be. Gods. Or something like it. But there's a lot about them that doesn't make a lot of sense. We'll cover it in the article. But right off the bat, how can we say for sure they are even real. In some of the video games, the battle sequences and the storyline sequences exist in entirely different realities. If you're confused, refer to why Aeris perished and couldn't be revived by a Phoenix Down.

Of all the many inconsistencies and pieces of information that don't make sense, we narrowed it down to 25 pretty good ones for you to study and pine over. Hopefully, none of these gods or summons actually exist, because we thrash them pretty good. Their vengeance may be swift. But we ain't afraid no ghost.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to look at the Final Fantasy summons closer than we ever have before. Because honestly, they really don't make any sense at all.

25 Where Do They Come From?

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It's like one minute you're sitting around with your pals battling a few demons or monsters and you think that you could use some help. So you call upon the ancient gods of religions not of this world to aid you.

But where do Ifrit and Shiva come from? If not Earth-based religions, and made up stories. Then where? A summoner calls them and instantly they appear as if they had nothing better to do and simply wait on your call.

24 If He's King, Why Is He Under The Summoners' Control?

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It's not so much that Bahamut doesn't make sense. It's just that Bahamut is King of the Dragon in multiple different incarnations. King of the Dragons? Says who? Has this dude ever played Pokémon? Slow your role, homie. Or is it "roll" in that scenario?

If this guy is King of Dragons, then why is he under the spell of random summoners?

Why is he less important in other games? If he's only a king, how come he's lumped in with gods like Shiva? Questions, questions.

23 Why Are The Knights Of The Round So Strong?

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The Knights of The Round bring into question a similar point to the Bahamut situation. Why were these guys chosen to become the strongest summon on a planet filled with aliens and demi-gods?

What doesn't make sense is what they actually are? 

In FF7, summons are used by attaching the respective materia to a weapon or armor piece, then called upon in battle. Where do these dudes chill when not being summoned?

22 Why Is Odin Even Here?

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Most of you know who Odin is, right? He's the All-Father. Thor's papa bear. Lord of Valhalla. Viking God. All that awesome stuff. Oh yeah. he's also a cyclops. And not by cause of evolution.

Someone stole his eyeball.

So what is he doing in a Japanese RPG with a samurai sword using an attack called the Zantetsuken? Zantetsuken, everyone. Pretty cool word when you think about it. Scream it out loud next time you go on a date. If he/she responds well, you've found a keeper.

21 Why Wouldn't Everyone Just Become A Summoner

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The question for these turkeys is: why aren't all of you summoners like Yuna? Like, Yuna did the right thing, she becomes a summoner and had a bodyguard, or seven. Because summoning Gods and giants monsters is just a lot.

Think about it. What's more powerful than calling on the God of Thunder, Ramuh, to come and Judgement Bolt your enemies? It seems like anyone not trained to be a summoner is wasting their talents in less destructive areas of the offensive.

20 How Did They Become So Strong?

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Are all of the summons gods? We know that the majority of them are based on gods from our world with a bit of a twist to them. Shiva doesn't have much to do with Ice in her real-world mythos.

And Alexander was just a king.

But in the world of these games, it seems like these beings are something special. However they got raised to this level of power is not explained. But it seems as if they are simply gods of the world who help out once in a while.

19 Where Do The Weapons Fit In?

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So these Weapons in FF7 are almost exactly like summons. Except the difference is that they are summoned by the planet to defend it when the time comes. Unfortunately, they get wrecked.

But the question is, where did they come from before all that? And where do they stand among the rest of the summons in the games? As you'll see later, some summons are bosses of previous games. How is it all connected?

18 Is Yuna's Yojimbo Everyone's Yojimbo?

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Everyone knows about Yojimbo, the bodyguard aeon from FFX. He was an optional summon to add to Yuna's arsenal along with Anima and the Magus Sisters. But he was a bit different.

You had to pay him.

The question is, is Yojimbo the only Yojimbo? Do other summoners call upon the same exact Yojimbo in battle as Yuna does? Or are these guys sort of like Pokémon, where many exist in the world at the same time?

17 If The Summon Is Villainous, Why Does It Fight For Good?

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Ifrit is one of the Summons who's in almost every single game. It's obvious he's some sort of fire demon or the devil himself. His special attack is even called "Hellfire."

But what doesn't make sense is why he's a good guy.

Why does he help out the heroes of these games all the time if he's clearly supposed to be the devil or something like that? Wouldn't it make more sense for some of the more villainous summons to help the bad guys exclusively?

16 Who Is This Shiva, Really?

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Shiva, along with Ifrit and Bahamut, shows up in almost every single game in the series. She's the ice goddess and is usually super cute. But why is she even an ice goddess? Based on her origins it really doesn't make any sense.

In the Hindu religion, Shiva is the god of destruction. She's also a male. We think that Shiva got her ice powers from the close translation with the word shiver. Like to be cold. But it doesn't make a ton of sense.

15 Why Are Chocobos A Summon?

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In this world, there are Big Bird type creatures that are used for transportation. Sort of replacing horses. They are called Chocobos. And not only are they rideable birds, but they apparently are summons too.

What is the deal with Chocobos as a summon?

This makes us think that summons are illusions or merely just a magic spell and not really something that actually exists. How can you compare Chocobos to Bahamut?

14 Why Is This The Core Group Of Summons?

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The original eight summons from FF3 were Chocobo, Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Leviathan, Odin, and Bahamut. In the same order, they are non-elemental, fire, ice, lightning, earth, water, holy, and shadow.

This seems like a pretty decent cast of summons and they basically set the groundwork for the rest of the summons to come later on. But what still doesn't make sense is what they are and where they come from.

13 Eidolons And Aeons

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In some games, the summons are called different things. Sometimes they are called espers, aeons, eidolons, and sometimes even gods. They all probably mean the same basic thing but from different cultures.

But why? Isn't Ramuh the same Ramuh in all of the games?

Is there a connection between the games if not only by the summons that represents the universal elements? It doesn't make sense that a god would be limited in this way

12 Why Is This Historical Human A Summon?

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Alexander is clearly based on Alexander the Great. We have no idea why this human who existed in our would become an actual summon or deity in this game world. It doesn't really make sense.

Alexander the Great is slightly responsible with the starting of western civilization. He's an important guy in history. But what about him in his real life translates to him becoming a giant city-sized monster?

11 Where Were These New Summons Before?

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When FFX was released, it was a big hit. On the PS2 it was the first game in the series to be released onto this new graphically inclined device. With it came a unique story with a break from the normal series scenario.

The new summons were Ixion, Yojimbo, Anima, Valefor, and maybe the Magus Sisters because they'd sort of shown up before. They brought change to a series that didn't need it. Even if they were super cool.

10 How Does The Materia Work?

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This lit entry goes back to the idea that when summons are called, the manifest themselves in the real world and attack the bad guys. Simple enough. But with materia, why is it so simple for a god to be contained?

It doesn't make a lot of sense that the strongest beings on the planet or in the galaxy would be so easily contained by a red marble. How did they get in there? What is it about summon materia that calls them forth?

9 The Whole Anima Thing

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This entry isn't so much abut it not making sense and more so about how awesome Anima is. When Anima shows up in the game it shows up at a major sporting event and starts smashing the bad guys.

Even though this thing looks spooky, it's actually, at that point in the game, on the side of the good guys. Anima is a tormented god or something like that, that comes from the underworld and makes you want to hug your parents.

8 How Can Moogles Be A Summoner And A Summon?

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In a lot of the games, Moogles are summoners and they're pretty good at it. It would make sense that these little monsters had a connection to the spirit or deity realm and could call them forth with a summoning.

But moogle aren't the only race of summoners.

Also, sometimes a Moogle, or some version of a Moogle is actually one of the summons. What's going on here? A moogle can summon itself?

7 How Is He Not The Most Powerful Summon?

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Adrammalech is a pretty awesome name. We can all admit that together. But the etymology of this summon comes from Christian and Judeo legend or myth or history.

Whatever you want to believe.

Adrammalech was a demon or something like that, way worse than the devil. Spent his time tearing things apart and basically had no control. We don't hear about Adrammalech in our world because he's probably just too scary.

6 How Did This Villain Become A Summon?

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The next three entries on the list are all very similar. Zeromus is the bad guy in Final Fantasy 4. Okay, that's out of the way. He's a super bad guy and for some reason, he becomes a summon later on.

Maybe he was so bad that in certain versions of that game, he actually got what he wanted and ascended to a point where he can be called upon by summoners later in the universe. That would mean Cecil failed.

5 Another Boss, Another Summon

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Another boss from a previous game brought back as a deity or summon. Exodus is a pretty messed up looking dude. He takes the form of an old guy with what looks like the scales of justice in from of him.

If he's so special and so powerful, then why does he show up in another game as a good guy? Or not really a good guy, but something that the good guys can call upon when they are in need of some assistance.

4 The Thing About Chaos

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Chaos is the first final boss in the series. Chaos actually makes sense as a summon because Chaos is, in fact, a manifestation of the chaos in the universe itself. When you think about it that way, he's not a bad guy.

Chaos is an inevitability.

Chaos is the same as light or gravity. They exist and without them, there would be no balance. So while Chaos might be a spooky word and even spookier dude, just know that a lot of good comes from bad.

3 Golem Vs. Titan

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So Titan is the summon who uses Earth power. His attack, more often than not, is Gaia's rage. Where he grabs a piece of the earth and throws it or makes the bad guys fall into a chasm. This is all awesome and cool.

But then Golem shows up.

Golem is also an earth0based sort of elemental fury. Except he's more made of rock. So who is better? Who outranks who on the earthen scale? We would like to think Titan, but what if Golem is making a move for the top slot?

2 Where Are They When Not Summoned?

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So if summons are gods and goddesses, what do they do when not being summoned? Are they in a sort of eternal sleep that only a part of them awakens for them to show up and smite some fools?

We do not know.

If they are only magical spells or illusions, then are they based on something real? Do they tap into some real deity or something along those lines? It sort of seems like they are imprisoned or enslaved by the summoners.

1 The Astrology Summons

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So in the twelfth game in the series, they decided to make the twelve summons a sort of symbol of the astrology thing. Which is cool. Because there are twelve games and whatnot so they wanted to be cute.

But what doesn't make sense is where the real-life criminal fits into all of that. Could he summon these guys? What if we could call summons down to Earth? Imagine if wars were fought with giant monsters. I need to play this game again.

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