Final Fantasy: 20 Tricks From The Classic Games Casual Fans Have No Idea About

The Final Fantasy series is made up of games that give you a party full of characters with diverse abilities and forces them into combat, which means that you will have to learn or invent strategies that make the best use of their unique powers.

The Internet has allowed Final Fantasy fans to share their tactics for overcoming the trickiest parts of each game, which is partly what drove the strategy guide people out of business, as all you needed to do in order to learn all of a games' secrets was to use Google.

The classic Final Fantasy games were the most frustrating in regards to their secrets, as they came from the time when Squaresoft used to include items that were impossible to find without a strategy guide.

The fans have torn the Final Fantasy games apart and they have learned all of the most efficient ways to complete each title, most of which have eluded the casual fans of the series.

We are here today to reveal the secret glitches and strategies that you can use to your advantage in the classic Final Fantasy titles - from the easy way of defeating Emperor Mateus, to turning Emerald Weapon's own powers against it.

Here are Twenty Tricks From The Classic Final Fantasy Games That Casual Fans Have No Idea About!

20 Final Fantasy II - You Can Turn Emperor Mateus Into A Frog

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The villain of Final Fantasy II is Emperor Mateus, who planned for the party to slay him so that he could travel to the afterlife and overthrow the Devil.

Emperor Mateus might be a tough hombre in the remakes of Final Fantasy II, but he is a pushover in the original NES version of the game due to a bug.

The Emperor is normally immune to the Toad status effect, but if you cast Wall on him first then it will still play the Toad spell animation, which will result in him being defeated.

19 Final Fantasy - There Is A Location Where You Can Quickly Level Up

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A typical JRPG will have enemies appear in an area that are meant to be scaled to the level of the party so that they face creatures of a suitable challenge that aren't too strong or too weak.

In the original Final Fantasy, there is a peninsula north of Pravoka that has incorrect random encounter data and will throw much stronger enemies as the party than normal.

It's possible for a party to survive against such creatures if they throw all of their resources into a battle and then flee, which will earn them a lot of experience points and gold in a short period of time. The fans of Final Fantasy now refer to this location as the "Peninsula of Power" due to how quickly you can level up there.

18 Final Fantasy VIII - Zell's First Two Limit Breaks Are Better Than The Rest

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All of the characters in Final Fantasy VIII use different mechanics for their Limit Breaks, with Zell needing to input commands in a similar manner to a fighting game.

Zell only has a limited amount of time to input commands and they only become more complex as time goes on.

It's far more effective if Zell just uses his first two Limit Breaks (Punch Rush and Booya) over and over again, as they only require two button presses each which means you can perform several of them in a row, which will do more damage than attempting to complete the come complicated button sequences.

17 Final Fantasy III - You Can Duplicate Items In Battle

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Final Fantasy III is one of the most difficult games in the series and the numerous remakes have done little to dull its edge.

It's possible to exploit a glitch in the DS remake of Final Fantasy III to give yourself infinite items, so long as they are kind that can be used in battle.

In order to use the item duplication glitch, you have to have the item you want to duplicate in one of the top two positions on the menu. When the battle begins, you have to go to the item menu and press the up and A buttons at the same time, which will cause the number of items to increase.

16 Final Fantasy V - You Can Combine Job Abilities To Attack Eight Times

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The job system in Final Fantasy V allows you to use abilities from different classes at once, some of which can be combined together in interesting ways.

One of the most effective combinations involves mastering the mystic knight, ninja, and ranger jobs.

You can combine the Dual Wield and Rapid Fire abilities to give you eight attacks per-turn, but these will be weaker than regular attacks.

You can then offset the weakness of these attacks by using the Spellblade command to add magical power to your sword, which will give you eight regular attacks per turn.

15 The Final Fantasy Legend - You Can Carve Up God

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There is a weapon in The Final Fantasy Legend called the Saw which is intended to instantly dispose of enemies that have a lower defense score than the user's strength, but there is an error in the game's code that means that it will only affect creatures with a much higher defense score.

The end boss of The Final Fantasy Legend is an evil god called The Creator and he just happens to have an obscenely high defense, which means that he can easily be disposed of in a single hit by the Saw.

14 Final Fantasy Tactics - You Can Acquire Infinite Job Points

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The original version of Final Fantasy was notorious for being brutally difficult at the start of the game and becoming easier over time, to the point where you can steamroll every encounter with ease.

You can quickly create a powerful party in the original version of Final Fantasy Tactics using the JP scroll glitch, which allows you to back out of a selection before it's made. If you perform this glitch correctly, then you will be given 9999 job points for free.

13 Final Fantasy V - You Can Skip The Final Boss Battle

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The end boss of Final Fantasy V is Neo Exdeath, who is a monstrosity that is composed of different creatures that you fought throughout the game.

The battle against Neo Exdeath is a difficult one, but it can be avoided with the use of a glitch. If you use a chemist to mix a Maiden's Kiss and a Holy Water on Exdeath's first form, then you can inflict the Berserk status effect on him. Once this form is defeated, the game will skip straight to the credits sequence.

12 Final Fantasy VI - You Can Make Cyan Attack Endlessly

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Cyan is one of the party members in Final Fantasy VI and his gimmick involves a meter that charges up over the course of the battle, which can be used to unleash powerful attacks on the enemy.

It's possible to turn Cyan into an unstoppable beast with the aid of the Psycho Cyan bug.

In order to use this bug, you have to make sure Cyan is in the "Sky" status of his Bushido technique and inflict him with the Imp status. If Cyan is KO'd while under these effects and then revived, then he will enter an endless chain of attacks that won't stop until the enemy is defeated.

11 Final Fantasy VII - You Can Defeat Ruby Weapon Using Dazers

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Ruby Weapon is one of the fiercest monsters in Final Fantasy VII and can even withstand several hits from the mighty Knights of the Round summon spell.

One of the most effective tools you can use against Ruby Weapon is an item called a Dazer, which can easily be replicated using the W-item glitch. Dazers can inflict the Paralyze status effect on Ruby Weapon, which will freeze it in place and allow the other party members to dispose of it, so long as you have one character who keeps throwing Dazers at it.

10 Final Fantasy V - The Chemist Job Can Easily Defeat Shinryu

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Shinryu is one of the most powerful monsters in Final Fantasy V and is even stronger than the end boss. The easiest way to defeat Shinryu is to use the chemist's Mix command in order to cook up some compounds that will inflict status effects on it.

If you combine Eye Drops and a Dragon Fang on Shinryu, then he will be inflicted with Blind, and if you combine a Turtle Shell and a Holy Water, then you will inflict Berserk on it. With these two effects in place, Shinryu will only be able to perform regular attacks during its turn and it will most of the time because it cannot see.

9 Final Fantasy VI - You Can Vanish Monsters To Their Doom

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Final Fantasy VI was released with numerous bugs and glitches, to the point where it may be the least polished of the mainline games.

One of the most effective bugs that you can exploit involves combining the Vanish and Doom spells.

The Doom spell has a chance of instantly defeating the enemy, but most monsters are immune to it. You can bypass this immunity by casting the Vanish spell on the enemy and turning them invisible, as this will override their immunity to the effect of Doom, allowing you to instantly defeat them.

8 Final Fantasy IV - The Game Has Secret Eidolons That You Are Never Told About

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Eidolons are the summon monsters of the Final Fantasy IV world and most of them are important to the story in some way. You have to go out of your way to find the best ones, but the game gives you plenty of hints as to where they are.

There are several Eidolons in Final Fantasy IV that are based on the monsters you can encounter in the game that you are never told about and would have no way of discovering without a guide. These rare Eidolons are based on the Bomb, Cockatrice, Goblin, and Mindflayer enemies.

7 Final Fantasy XII - You Can Defeat Yiazmat Using The Dalek Method

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Yiazmat is one of the most frustrating bosses in the Final Fantasy series, as it has over fifty million hit points and the game expects you to defeat it over the course of several different battles.

It's possible to cheese the Yiazmat battle by abusing its inability to climb stairs, as the party can spam ranged attacks on Yiazmat while on one of the stairwells. Yiazmat can only fight back using one of its ranged spells and this can easily be blocked by spamming Shell over and over again.

6 Final Fantasy X-2 - You Could Break The Game Using Cat Nip

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Yuna's default dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2 is the Gunner, which gives her two pistols and the Trigger Happy ability.

Trigger Happy allows you to perform several weak attacks by pressing the R1 button.

The Trigger Happy ability can be exploited with the use of the Cat Nip accessory, which makes all of your attacks deal 9999 points of damage if the wearer is in the HP Critical status.

Cat Nip's ability was nerfed hard in the International and HD versions of the game, so this exploit can only be used in the original version of Final Fantasy X-2.

5 Final Fantasy VII - You Can Earn All The Money You Will Ever Need With A Single Materia

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Barret bemoans the high price of hiring Cloud Strife at the beginning of Final Fantasy VII, as he needs money to pay for his adopted daughter's education. Barret shouldn't have worried so much, as there is an incredibly easy way to become rich in the world of Final Fantasy VII.

If you master an All materia and sell it at the shops, then you will earn 1.4 million gil, which will give you all of the money you will ever need for the rest of the game.

4 Final Fantasy VIII - You Can Acquire The Best Weapons At The Start Of The Game

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Final Fantasy VIII took a different approach for gaining new weapons, as you only needed to combine rare items to make them and you didn't need to learn the recipes in-game in order to do it.

If you want to gain Squall Leonhart's best weapon at the start of Final Fantasy VIII, then you can use the Refine ability on cards and items in order to make the Adamantite, Dragon Fangs, and Pulse Ammo necessary to make the weapon. All of the components can be found before the end of the first disc.

3 Final Fantasy VI - You Can Transform Gau Into A Wind God

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Gau is one of the most unusual characters in Final Fantasy VI and most players won't bother to spend the time necessary in order to be able to use his abilities.

Gau could be turned into one of the best characters in the game through the use of the "Wind God Gau" strategy. If you gave Gau a Merit Award, the Offering, and a Kazekiri and use the Stray Cat Rage in battle, then Gau will be able to attack four times using powerful wind attacks.

Gau was prevented from using the Merit Award in the remakes of Final Fantasy VI in order to prevent this strategy from being used.

2 Final Fantasy VI - You Can Control Setzer's Slots In Order To Win Every Battle

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Setzer's unique ability in Final Fantasy VI is called Slots and it creates a magical slot machine that can perform powerful spells. The problem with Slots is that there is a chance of activating a spell that destroys the party.

It's possible to influence the RNG of the Slots mechanic by ensuring that certain animations are played before it's used, as those animations will determine the next spell chosen. With this knowledge in hand, you can always ensure that the slots will land on the spell that destroys all enemies in a single turn.

1 Final Fantasy VII - You Can Turn Emerald Weapon's Ultimate Attack Against It

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Emerald Weapon is one of the most powerful monsters in Final Fantasy VII and it has an attack that prevents you from bringing too many materia into battle, as it can use the Aire Tam Storm ability to deal a thousand points of damage to each party member that is multiplied by the number of materia they have equipped.

You can abuse Aire Tam Storm by making sure your party all has 9999 hit points and two pieces of materia each when the battle starts. When Emerald Weapon uses Aire Tam Storm, it will drop each party member to 7777 hit points, forcing them into the All Lucky 7's mode and causing them to perform sixty-four hits on Emerald Weapon.

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