Final Fantasy VII: Cut Content Has Been Rediscovered In The Game's Last Dungeon

Final Fantasy VII was released over twenty-two years ago, and the files of the game have been picked apart by fans. However, discoveries are still being made, as unused content in the last dungeon of the game has been found.

The files of Final Fantasy VII have been picked apart by fans due to the fact that the game was often the subject of fake urban legends, with the "Reviving Aerith" myth being one of the most famous of them all. There is a lot of unused content in Final Fantasy VII, and information about things, such as the inappropriate removed scenes from the Honey Bee Inn, have been well documented online.

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It seems that there were even more secrets in Final Fantasy VII that had yet to be discovered, as a YouTuber named XeroKynos has unearthed some unused background animations in the last dungeon of the game - the Northern Cave.

The Northern Cave is a vast sprawling complex beneath the earth and it features several junctions and forks in the road, but there aren't any environmental hazards that can affect players' progress, unless you count the monsters that block your way.

XeroKynos has discovered that there are unused animations in two of the field maps (First Descent Fork and Left Descent Fork) that were meant to block player progress. The First Descent Fork map originally had an animation where a huge stalactite would fall from the ceiling and block the path on the right end of the screen, while the Left Descent Fork was going to include a rockslide that would seal up one of the passages, forcing the player to go a different way.

It seems that the developers of Final Fantasy VII had originally intended for parts of the Northern Cave to be sealed off permanently depending on the player's actions, but it's uncertain what would actually trigger these environmental hazards to go off.

It's amazing that discoveries are still being made in Final Fantasy VII after such a long time and after the game has been so thoroughly searched in the past. One can only wonder what other secrets are still hiding within the files of the game.

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