Final Fantasy VII Remake Expands On Original Story And Character Interactions

The Final Fantasy VII remake is set to provide an all-new experience for players looking for expansion on the original game's narrative.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will feel like a brand new game in a lot of ways, while also remaining loyal to the very beloved original.

In 2015, Square Enix promised that Final Fantasy VII would be remastered in the future. Then, years passed, and there was no additional news. Most of us assumed we had either been misinformed or the project had been scrapped entirely. Now we sit here in 2019, a little more than seven months away from the release of that previously-promised remaster.

In fact, it isn't a remaster, it's a remake. While many tend to equate the two, a "remaster" is a game from the past that is basically given up-to-date graphics and not much more beyond an added online component or bonus levels. A "remake," on the other hand, is exactly as implied. It is an older game that is completely overhauled.

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Judging by what we have seen from FF7 Remake so far, the game is going to be the perfect balance of nostalgia and modern-day tweaks. Siliconera had the chance to watch through the entire opening sequence of the game, during which Cloud and the rest of The Avalanche Crew are tasked with the iconic Bombing Mission.

While the mission remains the same, the nuances and interactions between the game's characters are where the real differences come into play. For starters, the characters now have voices, so no more relentlessly reading text boxes. Apparently, Barrett is clearly a lot more distrusting of Cloud when the pair first meet, something that annoys Tifa to no end. Cloud's wit and sarcasm also come across a lot clearer than it did in the original.

Remaking a game that was as popular as FF7 in this way is effectively like walking a tightrope. If the tasked developer changes too much, players are going to hate how different it is. If the developer doesn't tweak it enough, those same players will question why it has been labeled a remake. We might not have seen a massive amount of the game so far, but everything shown thus far displays a great deal of promise. Final Fantasy VII Remake is slated for release on March 3, 2020.

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