Worrying Job Listing For Final Fantasy VII Remake Calls It An 'Action Game'

Square Enix is advertising Final Fantasy VII remake as an 'action game' in its job descriptions.

Those of you who are expecting to play the Final Fantasy VII Remake within the next few years may be dismayed to learn that Square Enix is still hiring key staff members to work on the game.

A new listing has appeared on the popular MyNavi website (which offers employment opportunities in Japan) stating that Square Enix is looking for a 3DCG Designer to work on the Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

The advertisement for the 3DCG Designer role specifies that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is being remade as an action game.

The limited amount of gameplay footage we have seen of the Final Fantasy VII Remake has revealed that the game looks similar to Final Fantasy XV in how the combat system works and how the characters move through each area. The game has definitely shifted towards the action RPG genre, but this is the first time that any mention has been made of changing the game towards the action genre.

via Square Enix

The requirements for the 3DCG Designer position include a knowledge of programs like After Effects, Maya and Photoshop, as well as being able to use the current Unreal Engine to create effects relating to battle, event, and field scenes.

Those who are thinking of packing their bags and moving to Tokyo to work on the Final Fantasy VII Remake will also need extensive experience in working on 3D games. This is likely to be a highly sought after role at Square Enix, due to the prestige that would come with working on a remake of Final Fantasy VII... unless it's terrible.

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So, what does this mean for the Final Fantasy VII Remake? We have seen almost no new footage of the game within the past two years and it was notably absent from the last E3, though it's possible that Square Enix thought that the extensive footage of Kingdom Hearts 3 may have soothed the lack of Final Fantasy representation.

Is this job application revealing a change of direction for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, or was it just incorrectly worded? Only time will tell...

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