Here's The Latest Trailer For The Final Fantasy VII Remake

The new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake is here.

Yesterday, as part of Sony's State of Play for upcoming PlayStation titles, a new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake was shown. Sadly, No release date for the highly anticipated game was given, but we'll be given more information in June, presumably around E3.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced four years ago during E3 2015. Since then, updates have been sparse. This is nothing new for Square Enix fans. The wait for Kingdom Hearts III was also extremely long. In fact, Kingdom Hearts and FF VII Remake director, Tetsuya Nomura, even said both of these titles were announced too early. At the very least, fans can get a look at Aerith, Sephiroth, and more of the impressive graphics in the below teaser.

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Those who have played the original Final Fantasy VII will recognize the Midgar setting, as well as the core characters. Barret appears once more, but this is the first time we've seen Aerith and Sephiroth. The gameplay is shown, featuring more of the real-time combat established in the PlayStation Experience teaser. Yes, the remake is abandoning the traditional RPG gameplay of the classic title. However, that doesn't mean it's turning into a hack 'n' slash. As Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase said back in 2015, while there is more real-time, like in Final Fantasy XV, it will still retain strategic elements with things like magic and weapons. The gameplay will likely resemble Kingdom Hearts based on what we've seen.

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Visually speaking, the remake looks very impressive. The characters are faithfully revamped from their polygon selves. As for the gameplay, fans of traditional RPGs are still likely to be disappointed based on what has been shown thus far. But, putting that to the side, the game appears to have decent action gameplay. It remains to be seen if it will be mostly action-based with minimal strategy, or an equal combination of both.

More information on Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming next month, according to Nomura. Back in 2015, Square Enix told Kotaku that the remake will be split into multiple parts, and that "each entry will have the volume of content equal to a full-sized game." What this means exactly has not yet been revealed. In the meantime, as you wait for information on the remake, the original game is available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

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