Final Fantasy VII Remake To Feature New Bosses, Confirms Square Enix Director

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Midgar will be host to a new set of monsters, as the game's director has confirmed that the game will contain new bosses.

The city of Midgar in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be host to a new set of monsters, as the director of the game has confirmed that the city will contain more bosses than in Final Fantasy VII. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake will only cover the events leading up to the departure from Midgar, which included eight different boss encounters in Final Fantasy VII. The party fought the Guard Scorpion, the Air Buster, Aps, Reno, the Sample monsters, the Heli-Gunner & Hundred Gunner, Rufus Shinra and his Dark Nation, and the Motor Ball. Final Fantasy VII Remake has expanded the Midgar section to the length of a full game, which means that new enemies have been added to pad it out.

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It seems that Midgar will have new boss monsters in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The official Square Enix website has uploaded interview snippets with the development team of Final Fantasy VII Remake and director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that Midgar will include more bosses than in the original game.

"With regard to new characters, of whom I said during past interviews that there would be 'none' – though they aren’t main characters, their numbers ended up growing considerably in the process of creating a rich depiction of Midgar. When you think of Midgar’s final boss, you probably think of the M.O.T.O.R., but in this game new bosses will appear and add to the excitement of the story even more," wrote Nomura.

Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII Remake Cover

The majority of the footage shown of Final Fantasy VII Remake has included bosses from the original game, but there have been a few new enemies that have been revealed. One of the trailers showed a new member of SOLDIER with long blond hair and a sword who pursues AVALANCHE on a motorcycle, while other new footage has shown ghostly apparitions that have attacked Aerith and the Seventh Heaven bar.

The Midgar section of Final Fantasy VII is wide-open for new additions to the cast, including monsters. The player was only given a glimpse of the military might of Shinra in the original game and it would be easy to add in different members of SOLDIER, robots, and creatures corrupted by Mako poisoning for the player to battle against. The criminal underworld of Midgar could also be expanded, as well as the bizarre monsters that wander the more dangerous areas in the city. There is a lot that could be added to Final Fantasy VII Remake and it will be exciting to see what Square Enix does with the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

Source: Square Enix

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