• Final Fantasy VII gameplay revealed at Sony's State of Play. Will it be good? 1 / 9

  • The footage and gameplay looked stunning, which will attract new players and satisfy older ones 2 / 9

  • Development and news have been slow, over four years now with little to report 3 / 9

  • No real news will be released until June, again leaving fans in the unknown 4 / 9

  • The game is slated to release as a "Multi-part story", meaning that it will not be complete at launch 5 / 9

  • Players may have to wait for years to actually have the entire game available to them 6 / 9

  • Will the game be worth all the wait, and possibly added costs of split episodes? 7 / 9

  • Time will tell, but respecting players in releasing a remake is important, like with Resident Evil 2 Remake 8 / 9

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