The FFVII Remake Is Releasing At The Same Time For Everybody: March 3, 2020

The much-anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released worldwide on March 3, 2020. The game was originally announced during E3 2015, and quickly became a major subject within the gaming community.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a massive game. It is completely built from the ground up. The graphics look very impressive and seem to match the quality seen in the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. A Twitter user conveniently put together comparison pictures to show how much of a difference the remake is from the original in terms of graphics. Controversially, the gameplay is being changed from the original. Instead of being a traditional RPG, the game is featuring real-time combat similar to Final Fantasy XV. A recent trailer featured Aerith and briefly showed Sephiroth. Fans probably didn't expect the game to be released for another two years, but it's coming out sooner than later.

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Ahead of Square Enix's E3 conference, the company released a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer as part of the Final Fantasy VII - A Symphonic Reunion concert that took place in Los Angeles. Check out the trailer below:

Yes, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available in less than a year. The trailer features pieces of the Midgar sequence. It also gives a brief glimpse of what might be President Shinra. The gameplay takes a center focus, so fans of real-time combat should have something to look forward to. The gameplay styles for Cloud and Barret differ based on the footage. Cloud appears to be more powerful up close, while Barret is able to fight effectively from a distance.

Based on what Square Enix told Kotaku in 2015, it seems like the remake will be split into multiple parts. Many fans were worried that this might mean that there will be a long wait before the full Remake story is available. Interestingly, this multi-part plan hasn't been stated recently and is nowhere in the release date trailer. However, it is interesting that marketing has featured the Midgard sequence primarily, perhaps implying that it takes up a good chunk of the game. The Final Fantasy Twitter says there will be "further announcements," so expect major details about the title during Square Enix's E3 presentation later today.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on March 3, 2020 for PS4.

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