You Can Change The Final Fantasy VII Remake Box Art If You Don’t Like It

Final Fantasy VII Remake's box art will have a reversible option for those not in love with the main one.

When Square Enix revealed that the box art for Final Fantasy VII Remake would be an homage to the PS1 classic, a lot of fans were pleased. It was basically like stepping back into the past and getting to relive your childhood. For some, though, they questioned how this would work when subsequent episodes (the remake will be released in multiple chapters) would come out. Well, there's a clear answer now: reversible cover art.

Confirmed by Square Enix in a tweet, once Final Fantasy VII Remake releases, all physical editions of the game will have reversible box art on them. One side of the box art will have the classic art cover of the PS1 version (with remade graphics of course) while the other side will have the logo set to a black backdrop (which will actually be Japan's cover art). If players prefer the logo, they can remove the cover, flip it, and reinsert it back into the case to mimic Japan's cover art (and vice versa).

Such a decision is sure to please numerous fans who plan on picking up the physical version of the game. If one isn't happy with one side of the cover, they just have to change it to the other one and that's it!

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Nowadays, people can purchase video games either digitally or physically. Digital versions are instantaneous, meaning that one can easily get them without going to a physical store. Once the game is downloaded, it's there forever (players can uninstall it and redownload it later on if they feel like coming back). As for physical versions, they are tangible variations which some people like to have for collection/preservation purposes, as well as showing off those vast collections to friends and the internet.

One advantage of owning physical versions of video games is that they can come in steelbook cases or have cool cover art. The cover art, in return, needs to look presentable so that owners can appreciate its look. But what if the art is bland, boring, or uncreative? The best-case scenario is including a reversible cover -something many publishers have opted for-.

Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out on March 3, 2020, for the PS4, so there is still plenty of time to pre-order a physical copy of the game. It's also important to note that only Part 1 will come out since Part 2 of the entire game is still in development.

Source: Twitter

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