Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Shows Off The Summons And New Scenes

The latest trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake was revealed at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show, showing footage of new scenes that weren't included in the original game, altered scenes, the summon monsters, and giving us a first glimpse of the Turks.

The new scenes in the trailer show the members of AVALANCHE protecting the Seventh Heaven bar from the same ghostly apparations that haunted Aerith in the previous trailer. There is a scene where Biggs, Cloud, and Jessie are being pursued by a new character on a motorcycle who is wearing a SOLDIER uniform, suggesting that Cloud's former associates will be enemies in the game. The members of AVALANCHE also appear to parachute across Midgar (in a manner similar to how the gang arrived in the city late in Final Fantasy VII). Aerith and Cloud are shown fighting Rude outside of the church in the slums.

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There are now fireworks going off during the scene where Cloud sees Aerith in her fancy outfit for the first time. The scene in which Tseng kidnaps Aerith is shown in the remake, as is the last stand of Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge. Cloud is shown playing darts in what is likely a minigame and we see an exercise game that seems to be part of the cross-dressing quest. The final shot of the trailer shows Barret, Cloud, and Tifa looking at the aftermath of the destruction of Sector 7, which wasn't in the original game.

There are some scenes from the original game that are altered in the new trailer. The debut of Reno of the Turks is now different, as he takes Cloud on in a fight after demonstrating a burst of super speed. President Shinra now appears as a hologram in the scene before the Air Buster fight, which makes sense, as the original game never explained why Barret didn't just shoot him.

The trailer also gave fans their first glimpse of the new versions of Ifrit and Shiva. The Shiva design is especially interesting, as it seems to be based on her original concept art for Final Fantasy VII in which her outfit resembled lingerie. This was toned-down in the final version of the game. Their presence in the first remake game means that they will be acquired a lot earlier, as players didn't find any summons during the Midgar section of Final Fantasy VII.

The latest trailer showed the updated designs for both Reno and Rude of the Turks and revealed Don Corneo's design. It seems that Don Corneo's voice actor is taking inspiration from Harvey Fierstein's unique voice. It's clear that Reno is being given a more prominent role in the game, as he seems much cooler in the trailer than he did in Final Fantasy VII, which is likely due to his status as a fan-favorite character.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is due to be released for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

Source: Square Enix/YouTube

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