Final Fantasy VII Remake Will 'Exceed The Original,' Be A 'New Creation'

A new job posting for the remake of Final Fantasy VII is looking for a Battle Planner and suggests the game will 'exceed the original.'

New News has finally come out about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake which suggests that the scope of the game will far outstrip that of the original, though it also seems as if the release date is still a long way off.

Nova Crystallis has reported that a job listing has been posted regarding the Final Fantasy VII Remake on the Japanese version of eCareer.com. This listing is for the role of Battle Planner for the game, which was a role that had previously been held by several different people on the original Final Fantasy VII.

The listing for the job states that the development team wants to exceed the original and that the remake will be a new creation, which will be even more challenging to make than a brand new game, due to anticipation involved with remaking a game as important as Final Fantasy VII.

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This news is likely to delight many Final Fantasy fans, as there are many who would love to see the story of the original game expanded upon. A straight up remake would be boring and pointless, especially as you can play Final Fantasy VII on so many different platforms now.

Square Enix has previously stated that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be broken into several different chapters or episodes, which each one being the size of a regular game. This means that new content will need to be added in order to extend the story and more quests will need to be included.

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The technology of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offers Square Enix the chance to flesh out locations like Midgar in ways that they couldn't do with the original PlayStation, due to the hardware limitations of the time. Midgar was originally just a few screens of artwork, which can now be realized as a true city.

The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII also included games that were released after VII which added new elements to the backstory of the world. It's possible that we may see cameos from characters and enemies from those games, such as the Turks from Before Crisis. 

The fact that Square Enix is still hiring producers for the Final Fantasy VII Remake suggests that it is still a long way off from being completed, especially when you consider the fact that the game will be released in segments. It's going to be a long time before we can return to Midgar.

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