Rumor Debunked: Final Fantasy VII Remake Definitely Isn't Coming To Xbox, Confirms Square Enix

Square Enix confirms that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a PS4 exclusive despite continued "leaks" suggesting the game is coming to Xbox One.

One of the biggest highlights of what was a jam-packed E3 this year was the reveal of more information about Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake. Four years after the project was first announced, we finally got a trailer and a release date. Considering the amount of time it has taken, we're hoping for something pretty special.

We're also assuming that the game will only be made available to those of us who own a PlayStation 4. The original FFVII was a PlayStation exclusive after all. Well, until it got released on PC and then across multiple platforms years later. Back to the present day, and so far, FFVII Remake has only been announced as being released on PS4.

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However, there have been plenty of unofficial "leaks" suggesting that FFVII Remake will be coming to the Xbox One. The first came in the form of a GameStop listing before E3 had even taken place. The listing allowed gamers to pre-order a copy of the game on Xbox One. More recently, Xbox Germany's Facebook page boasted that FFVII Remake would be released on Xbox One on the same day that it's made available on PS4.

Xbox Germany promptly removed the post and admitted that it was "an internal mistake." On the back of these mistakes, Square Enix has decided to put Xbox One-playing FFVII fans out of their misery. The developers confirmed via a statement to IGN that it has "no plans for other platforms" for FFVII Remake other than the PS4.

That means the much-anticipated remake will be a PlayStation exclusive, and why wouldn't it be? PlayStation's exclusives have been enjoying an incredible amount of success recently. God Of War and Marvel's Spider-Man are only available to PS4 players and suffice to say they have enjoyed a fair amount of success between the two of them.

FFVII Remake might come to other platforms after the fact, but on March 3, 2020, the only way to play the game will be on PS4.

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