Final Fantasy VII For Switch Has A Bug That Might Break Your Game

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Final Fantasy VII shipped with several prominent bugs, some of which were fixed in the international versions of the game. It seems as if every rerelease of Final Fantasy VII has come with its own brand new crop of bugs that Square Enix was unable to deal with and the recent Nintendo Switch port of the game is no exception.

The Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy VII is based on the 2013 version of the game that was released on Steam. The Steam port of Final Fantasy VII had several annoying bugs that have yet to be fixed, including one that caused the music on the Field Map to repeat after a battle ends, but the issues with the game are relatively minor and do little to impede enjoyment of the game.

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It seems that there is at least one game-breaking bug present in the Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy VII that is a holdover from the Steam release, as it's possible for a key NPC to never spawn, making it impossible to progress further in the game.

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Game Informer is reporting that the glitch occurs during the part of the game when the surviving members of AVALANCHE have to save Aerith from the Shinra Headquarters. In order to progress, the player needs to talk to a kid who will lead the party to the Field Map where they can start climbing to the next section of the game.

It's possible for the kid to never spawn, making it impossible to progress the story and leaving the player stuck.

The cause of this bug is related to the configuration files of Final Fantasy VII and these can be fixed when playing the Steam port, but the same isn't true for the console versions of the game, as the player cannot access the necessary files. If the player does not have a backup save, then they have to restart the game.

The glitch doesn't happen most of the time and it occurs at a very early point in the game, but the fact that it hasn't been fixed just goes to show how little Square Enix cares about the ports of its most famous game.

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