FFVIII Finally Is Being Remastered, And It Might Only Be A Matter Of Time Before It Gets Its Own Remake

Final Fantasy VIII is finally being remastered and many fans are speculating about a remake or new CCG.

Final Fantasy VIII is finally being remastered, and fans are happy not only because the title was seemingly ignored for so long, but also because this could mean that the game is getting the same treatment we are seeing for Final Fantasy VII.

The remaster was announced at the Square Enix E3 2019 event and fans have every reason to be excited. Last year, Square revealed that both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One would be receiving ports for almost every title in the Final Fantasy series, except for VIII. Now, however, we know that this may have been the reason why the game was excluded. So, what else might lie in store?

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If ever there was a plan to remake the game like FFVII, this would be a good first step to test the waters. If the remaster flops, which is a possibility since players have been rebuying FFVIII for years now on the PlayStation, PSP, and Steam, then there would be no reason to continue moving forward. However, if the remaster is a success, then Square Enix might look into a full remake.

Since the remaster only provides upgrades to the visuals and not the gameplay, we can expect to see the same broken mechanics when it comes to the Guardian Forces. This isn't necessarily a big deal, though, since a remaster would be better than nothing.

With that in mind, the following cheats will be provided to PC players, similar to releases in the past:

  • Obtain All Items: Obtain all items, excluding some items
  • Obtain All Abilities: Learn all obtainable G.F. abilities
  • G.F. Level MAX: Max out obtainable G.F. Level
  • Gil MAX: Max out Gil
  • Magic MAX: Max out obtainable magic stock
  • Obtain All Special Skills: Learn all special skills
  • Obtain All Cards: Obtain the maximum amount of cards, excluding rare cards

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Triple Triad is one of FFVIII's minigames. It is a Collectable Card Game (CCG) that features every enemy and major character as a playing card that must be hunted down and acquired through side quests and matches around the world.

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Since many people have made online TCGs or CCGs, this might be a good chance for Square to create an expansive universe with hundreds of Final Fantasy characters. The market is certainly there, and such a game would be fantastic, even if it is a pipe dream.

For now, we'll gladly settle for the remaster. The FFVIII remaster will be out in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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