Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Will Have Both English And Japanese Voice Overs, According To Source Code

If you're tired of reading long blocks of text while playing your favorite JRPGs, you won't have to worry about this for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered since Square Enix seems to be including both English and Japanese voice overs.

In the past, companies didn't have a lot of choices when it came to including large amounts of text within their games due to the limited amount of space, but this has begun to change in recent years. Now, cutscenes and character voices can make or break a franchise from the start. While Final Fantasy VIII has already cemented itself as one of the best RPGs ever produced, Square Enix seems to be aware that a changing landscape could mean that it will have to do away with large text interactions in order to attract new players.

This news seems to indicate that there won't be much room for RPGs within the industry unless they employ voice actors to help them during large dialog sequences. While Square hasn't been clear on the full extent of the use of its voice actors, it's hard to imagine that it won't follow the lead of many other publishers within the industry.

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According to DSO Gaming, information can be found within the source code for the website associated with Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. In addition to confirming that both English and Japanese voice actors will be used, we also learn that subtitles in French, Spanish, Italian, and German will be provided. Though the information doesn't specify whether voice overs will only be used during cutscenes, it's hard to imagine that Square won't be using voice actors throughout the game given that it has done so with past JRPGs. While it might seem to be in stark contrast to the original, it could pay dividends for the company in the end.

Given that the cost of games has continued to go up in recent years, it makes sense that the company would make this move. The fact that it has also included subtitles in different languages also seems to indicate that it expects the game to achieve worldwide popularity.

While it is a bit strange that Square didn't announce this outright, it is understandable given that it probably assumed that the fanbase would expect this. Though voice actors will certainly help to sell the game, the company will have to be careful with its selection so that it doesn't have another Tidus issue on its hands.

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