Final Fantasy 8: The Weirdest Bosses, Ranked

Final Fantasy 8 has some epic boss fights that are just weird beyond words. Here are the game's weirdest bosses, ranked

Final Fantasy is a much beloved but strange series. With a multitude of characters, differing story lines and so much more, it's no wonder it has become popular. But in order for the games to be engaging, they need opposing forces, such as unique bosses.

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These bosses can range from abominable monsters to humans that defy the main characters at every point. For Final Fantasy in particular, though, many of these bosses can be outright strange. Whether it's their appearance, how you fight them or just how out of place they are, here's Final Fantasy 8: the weirdest bosses, ranked

10 Elvoret

Starting from the one of the less weird but still weird bosses, here's Elvoret. This is the true first boss that you'll fight in Final Fantasy 8 as Ifrit was more of a tutorial boss. Elvoret is a a, well, a strange looking thing. It's got bat-like wings, a duckbill, a humanoid upper body complete with arms and orange hands and something for a lower body.

It would be a struggle to describe this boss to anyone unfamiliar with it without sounding insane. The closest real world comparison here is a platypus, which is already weird in and of itself. Thankfully, the battle itself isn't that weird.

9 Propagator

The Propagator looks like something out of some sci-fi horror movie. It's got three legs, two weird spindly arms and something for a head and mouth, though it's a struggle to describe much of anything about this boss. Like, what are those teeth-like things on its mouth?

But moving on to the actual fight and other such stuff that make this thing weird. True to its name, this thing likes to keep on spawning unless you kill it in the right way. The right way being, making sure they die in pairs at the same time. To note, if you kill enough of them, they stop spawning. They're also susceptible to the death status effect, which kills them.

8 Griever

Now for a change of pace, an enemy that isn't too strange. It's a weird flying lion-faced creature with a somewhat humanoid body but nothing that makes you scratch your head in confusion. Where this boss gets weird is in how it was created and what it's named. Whatever the player named Squall's ring, that's what Griever is called instead of Griever.

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The reason for all of this is because Griever is an entity entirely influenced by Squall. Whatever thing Squall pictures as being the most powerful being to ever exist, that's what Griever will be. In this case, it's a weird lion-headed thing. The actual battle isn't too unusual except for one aspect. Griever can knock out some of the party's magic reserves, the things you junction to make your characters stronger.

7 Gargantua & Vysage

This boss starts of rather simply with only a hint of weirdness. Vysage isn't even considered a proper boss. It's accompanied by two other enemies, Righty and Lefty. Vysage is just a face that is coming out of the ground, just as Righty and Lefty are hands coming out of the ground. However, the true battle starts once you've defeated them.

Once Vysage is defeated while in Ultimecia Castle armory, Gargantua will appear. This boss deserves its place because you need to actively search for it and then defeat a non-boss monster first. Also, it kind of looks like an ancient mummy. Fittingly, you can zombify this boss and hit it with recovery magic.

6 Gerogero

Right from the start, this boss battle is weird. It's pretty early on in the game and you're trying to abduct the Galbadian President. When you confront him, it turns out he was a fake. You then must fight this fake president, which turns out to be a really easy battle. The weirdness starts there as the fake president sheds its skin to reveal itself as Gerogero.

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Gerogero looks like something out of Resident Evil. It's some strange zombie like creature that has its own innards coming out of it. As weird as this sequence is, it turns out to be a very easy fight. Gerogero has all the strengths and weaknesses of an undead. Namely, if you throw a phoenix down on it, it'll instantly be defeated.

5 Tonberry King

Tonberry's have become a staple in the Final Fantasy series for a while now. What you don't always see is the Tonberry King. This strange little creature is both adorable and terrifying. Everyone knows that Tonberry's, with their little kitchen knives, just stand out. They don't look like they belong with the rest of the worlds creatures and yet they're weirdly dangerous.

The Tonberry King will only attack you after you've killed twenty to fifty Tonberry's within Centra Ruins. Tonberry King has two main attacks, one which deals damage based on how many enemies its target has killed multiplied by thirty. The second, though is very weird. It's called Junk and it rains down random junk from the sky, like soccer balls, televisions, kettles and other such random objects.

4 Adel

In a surprise twist, Adel has junctioned Rinoa to itself. Not only does that sound weird but it goes against the norm of what the game has taught you so far. Normally you get to junction Guardian Forces to your characters, not the other way around. Furthermore, if Rinoa happens to die while junctioned to Adel, it's game over.

Adel would normally not look too weird but because Rinoa has been melded into Adel, it ends up looking very weird indeed. The battle also requires different tactics as Adel will periodically absorb health from Rinoa. A good way to get around this is by casting regen on Rinoa. You will also need to avoid any attack that hits multiple targets for fear of killing Rinoa.

3 Ultimecia

It's fitting that the final boss would be one of its weirdest. Just like other Final Fantasy games' final bosses, Ultimecia has multiple forms. What's weird is how Ultimecia changes how you fight. First, you don't get to choose which party members fight her, she selects them at random.

Next, if you leave a party member knocked out for too long, she will absorb that character into time. You also can't use Guardian Forces in battle. In her next form she combines with Griever, though there's nothing too strange here other than her new appearance. Finally, her ultimate form looks freaking weird. She has an upper body and a lower body hanging from it. Just... what.

2 Jumbo Cactuar

Following in the footsteps of the Tonberry King, Jumbo Cactuar looks like he belongs in a different game. Not only is he kind of 2D but he's a giant living cactus with a mustache. He may not be the most strange looking boss ever but he does stand out because of his design. In a world full of weird monsters, he's is weird because of how not monstrous he looks.

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The battle itself is kind of like a much more difficult battle against regular cactuar enemies. He counters with 10,000 needles and can cast Ker Plunk on the whole party. Not only does this make him a dangerous enemy but it also means you need to strategize carefully. Finally, he's weird because he's a boss which will actually run away from you. Get him too low and he'll hesitate, if you don't finish him off then, he'll run away.


Ah, the weirdest boss in the game by nature of quite a few different things. To start, he's a weird alien-like creature that always likes to speak in capital letters. Why is his name all capitalized anyways? Just everything about this creature is weird including his giant fingers and chin-thing. And what's more, he's the supposed master of Balamb Garden.

As for the battle itself, you first need to destroy the NORG Pod to reveal him. Then, you must keep some random orbs blue to prevent him from attacking you with damaging magic attacks. Also, you can draw the Guardian Force Leviathan from him, though its anyone's guess as to why he had it. Weirdly, you almost feel sorry for him after defeating him. Almost.

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