Ranking Every Final Fantasy X Playable Character From Weakest To Most Powerful

The Final Fantasy series is a historied franchise, featuring some of the most iconic gameplay, characters, and stories in the history of video gaming as we know it. Regardless of what kind of gamer you might be, it's pretty evident that you must — at the very least — be familiar with the name of the series, if not consider yourself a stalwart fan of this JRPG behemoth. Each iteration of this series has something special that entices fans from all over the globe — and yes, we are also including XIII in this conversation.

With the sheer vastness of the Final Fantasy series as a whole, it's evident that a fan of this series has, at one point in their life, been asked an age-old question — which Final Fantasy is their favorite? There are several names that come to mind, with the most popular ones like VII and IX all the way to retro classics like VI and IV. However, there's one popular choice that we haven't stated yet, although it should be quite obvious if you've read the article headline like any other normal human being.

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Yep, the game we're talking about is none other than Final Fantasy X. As the first Final Fantasy game on the sixth generation of consoles, Final Fantasy X became one of the best games on the console, providing gamers with an unforgettable new-gen Final Fantasy experience that is still hard to top to this very day. So, if you happen to be one of the many people who is gearing up for their first playthrough — if not a rerun — of this series, here's a ranking of all main characters in terms of their strength so that you have a better idea of who to keep in your party.

8 Kimahri Ronso

Try as we might, it's close to impossible to find someone in Final Fantasy X who's as useless as Kimahri. Being a blue mage might have its perks, but not if accessing it is one of the most time-consuming and painful things one can accomplish.

Kimahri's starting position in the sphere grid might be somewhat interesting — what with him being in the very center and all. However, starting off with weak stats and not really being able to keep up with the party's growth definitely hurts Kimahri's chances of being a halfway-decent party member.

7 Lulu

To be very honest, pretty much everyone in the party is pretty much useful except for Kimahri. The only reason why Lulu gets the short end of the stick right now is because of Lulu being a black mage.

While she does manage to dole out some impressive damage, it comes at the cost of MP which is fairly limited at times. Thus, Lulu becomes a party member who's only useful during certain moments, which definitely hurts her overall usefulness as a result.

6 Paine

Sigh... to be very honest, it's a pain to even acknowledge Final Fantasy X-2's presence. The base game was perfect and could've done without a sequel. However, this was around the time when Square was merging with Enix, which meant that greedy corporate hands were making their first move to defile this amazing gaming franchise as we know it.

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This led to the birth of a completely unnecessary sequel and a canon character by the name of Paine. The only reason why this person ranks above Kimahri and Lulu is because of her versatility, allowing her to adapt to any class and access a vast host of powers.

5 Rikku

The lovable Al Bhed of Final Fantasy X marks her spot on number 5 in this list. Rikku is actually one of the most divisive characters in the game, to be frank — while most players choose not to use Rikku for extended periods of time due to her situational effectiveness, other people can attest to just how useful her Mix command actually is.

It's a command that actually makes Rikku a pivotal character to be used in challenge runs of Final Fantasy X. Veterans of this title always make it a point to give Rikku the love and care that she deserves, so that she can become a stalwart member of the team.

4 Tidus

The main character of Final Fantasy X finally makes his — kinda obvious — appearance on this list. On a whole, Tidus is a well-rounded character who is incredibly quick, to boot. The fact that he can access the powers of a Time Mage early on in the game makes him all the more valuable.

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One of the main reasons why Tidus attains such a high spot is mainly because of the early access he attains to one of the more valuable abilities in the game — Quick Hit. If you have the MP to spare, then spamming Quick Hit is a sure-shot way to fell numerous enemies in the game, while all they can do is just start at your party dumbly until they meet their inevitable demise.

3 Wakka

Wakka FF X Besaid Island

Long-range characters are absolute beasts in the Final Fantasy series, and Wakka is no different. You might think that a Blitzball might not do all that damage, to begin with, but using Wakka will surely make you eat your words.

His Limit Break — Attack Reels, to be more specific — is also quite damaging if utilized properly, allowing a player to deal tons of damage if they've optimized Wakka's character to a T.

2 Yuna

Surprise, surprise — who'd've thought that a White Mage of all people would've made it so far up the list? However, this is completely discrediting Yuna's character, who also happens to be — you guessed it — a summoner.

The summons that Yuna brings forth to the party are incredibly powerful, dishing out tons of damage within a moment's notice. Summons like Anima and Bahamut are so powerful that they can break the damage limit the moment you obtain them!

1 Auron

You knew that only one person could've realistically topped the list of the strongest characters in Final Fantasy X. Auron is an absolute beast from the very start of the game, doling out tons of damage and standing like a tank while he absorbed hits with seemingly no issues whatsoever.

Any person who's playing this incredible game for the first time would find it in their best interests to make Auron a stalwart of their party. It's the best thing possible that they can do to augment their gaming experience.

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