Final Fantasy XIV Director Wants The Game On PS5

Final Fantasy XIV's director expresses his desire to see the hit MMO wind up on PS5.

There are currently no games announced for the PlayStation 5, but Square Enix is already angling to get one of its biggest titles on the system. Naoki Yoshida, director/producer of Final Fantasy XIV, has expressed a desire to port the game to Sony's upcoming system.

In a fan event in London last night, Yoshida expressed a desire to bring the popular MMO title to Sony's next-generation platform. Initially mistranslated, it has since been confirmed through a statement made by Square Enix (to WCCFTech) what Yoshida was actually stating. While clearly enthusiastic about the prospect, Yoshida didn't mean to get fans' hopes up.

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Via: Square Enix

It has been a strange journey for the world of Eorzea since launch. During its initial release, Final Fantasy XIV was panned for its outdated design and poor quality. The game was revamped sometime later and has been improved with each new DLC update. The recent Shadowbringers expansion has been touted as one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time with regards to story.

The Realm Reborn version of the game started out on PC and PlayStation 3 in 2013, which was followed by a PlayStation 4 version in 2014, an OS X version in 2015, and there is currently an Xbox One port in development.

Final Fantasy XIV isn't the only Square Enix game that will likely appear on PlayStation 5. CEO Yosuke Matsuda has discussed the possibility of bringing Final Fantasy VII Remake and its follow-ups to the platform. The glut of remastered Final Fantasy ports that have been released over the past year are also strong candidates for PlayStation 5 versions down the line.

It makes sense for Final Fantasy XIV to continue into the PlayStation 5 era, considering how highly acclaimed the game has become and how financially successful it is. Final Fantasy XI still has dedicated fans after all of these years that are keeping the game alive, even if it's not receiving new updates. Square Enix isn't in a rush to start a new MMORPG and the world of Eorzea still has plenty of stories left to be told.

Source: WCCFTech

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