Final Fantasy XIV Is Getting Male-Only Hrothgar To Match Female-Only Viera

New information about the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion for Final Fantasy XIV was released as part of the recent Fan Festival for the game. Shadowbringers will add two new playable races, a new job, a new Beast Tribe, new raids, and new enemies. (via. Nova Crystallis)

It had already been revealed that the Viera from Final Fantasy XII would be coming to Final Fantasy XIV and it has now been confirmed that they will be a female-only race. The Viera will be joined by a new male-only race called the Hrothgar, which is based on the Ronso from Final Fantasy X. 

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The Dancer job is also coming to the game. It will be a ranged DPS class that uses throwing weapons like chakram in combat. The Dancer's ability to dance can act as both a buffing effect for the party and as an offensive weapon against foes.

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The new Beast Tribe that will be added in Shadowbringers are the dwarves, whose introduction video claimed that they are never without their beards or their helmets and that they are experts in mining and metallurgy. The appearance of the dwarves seems to be based on the ones from Final Fantasy IV. 

Shadowbringers will also be including a new kind of enemy known as the Sin Eaters that will appear as part of the story. Sin Eaters have a creepy appearance that looks similar to the angels from the Bayonetta franchise.

A new high-end raid that is being added to Shadowbringers is called Eden, which could refer to several different creatures and locations from the series. Its content is designed by Tetsuya Nomura, which includes a woman named Gaia who wields a hammer, even though hammers are not a weapon that players can use in the game.

Shadowbringers is the third expansion for Final Fantasy XIV and it looks promising since it will introduce a lot of new content. It's a shame that the Hrothgar and Viera are gender-locked, but that might be changed in the future if fans demand it.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers will be released on July 2, 2019.

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