Final Fantasy XIV: Top 10 New Minions, Ranked

Picture this: You’ve just spent a long day fighting off an attack from the Garlean Empire and saved Eorzea from certain danger. All you want to do is rest at an inn – or your house if you have one – to recover and prepare for the next attacks that are sure to come. As nice as that sounds, there is something that can make it even better – minions! One of the best features Final Fantasy XIV has to offer is the ability to “adopt” various creatures and have them follow you around. They offer nothing to the actual gameplay, but they make for an enjoyable inclusion nonetheless.

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With the expansion of Shadowbringers comes new minions and this list will cover the top 10 new minions, ranked from great to greatest. Give your best Lali-ho and read on to find out the rankings!

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10 Butterfly Effect

Fluttering in at number 10, the Butterfly Effect is a simple yet sweet addition. This minion is made up of two butterflies (not to be mistaken with Morpho, the blue butterfly minion), that simply fly around your character.

While it might not be the most exciting minion, it adds a peaceful aesthetic to compliment your glamour. This minion can be purchased after you complete enough fates to get 400 Bicolor Gemstones in the Rak’Tika Greatwood. It also has a pretty funny item description, based on the movie of the same name.

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9 Armadillo Bowler

An armadillo rolling around on a giant, round boulder – what’s not to love? Unlike the boss from the dungeon, Malikah’s Well, that this minion drops from, the Armadillo Bowler is much more compact and doesn’t want to kill you.

It’s an independent minion, meaning it just does its own thing and the usual commands that work on some minions probably won’t work on him. One fun thing you can try, though, is to use/poke. If you target the Armadillo, he’ll stagger off the boulder and lose balance.

8 Wind-Up Nu Mou

As you traverse through Norvrandt, you’ll come across several new races and one of those is a type of fae known as the Nu Mou. This particular minion is an automaton and is crafted from mushroom spores and mud, according to the minion’s description.

Still, that isn’t going to prevent incessant cuddling of the Nu Mou minion. After all, it looks incredibly soft and fluffy; it almost feels like a crime not to. To get him, you’ll need 800 Sacks of Nuts from hunt marks so you can trade them to one of the hunt NPCs.

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7 Clionid Larva

Shadowbringer’s questline will introduce you to new locations and one of those is an under-the-sea world known as The Tempest. There are many secrets hidden here and just as many new creatures. The Clionids can be seen floating about in various regions of this map location and this minion happens to be one of the larvae that seem to do nothing more than just follow you around compliantly.

Per the description, however, you don’t want to let this fool you. Clionids are violent and like to feed off of flesh to satisfy their powerful hunger. You’ll need to run Akadaemia Anyder for the chance to get this minion, as she drops after the final boss.

6 Black Hayate

There are several dog minions in FFXIV already and this little, black pupper is too cute not to have. You’ll find this minion as a drop from the dungeon Holminster Switch and while it might not make sense for an adorable dog to drop in a violent area, the minion description helps to clarify.

Apparently, these canines are great in a fight and will attack to protect others if needed. All the more reason to have one follow you around! Another plus – every time you give him pets, he’ll shake his head out.

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5 Giant Beaver

While the name says beaver, this minion looks more like a vampiric hamster. According to lore, no one seems to know where this little guy came from and no one seems to want to know. It doesn’t do much other than the occasional ear twitch and hop from foot to foot, but its unique appearance is enough to warrant it higher on the list.

In order to bring it home with you, you’ll need to run The Dancing Plague Extreme and get a dancing wing to trade into an NPC at Phisor Lran in Il Mheg.

4 Bitty Duckbill

Another minion that can be purchased with Sacks of Nuts, the Bitty Duckbill closely resembles a tiny, rounded platypus. One of the best parts of having this minion is the actions it does, particularly its own version of the Naruto run.

It puts its beak forward and runs very fast for a small distance, pushing itself on its stomach, then goes back to standing. Much like a real-life platypus, it supposedly has venom it shoots at its prey, but it’s not something you ever see the minion do.

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3 Shoebill

This minion is… Well, a very angry-looking bird. Really, just get a close-up view of that avian’s mug and you’ll feel as though you’re being judged. That’s what makes him so great!

The description doesn’t seem to know whether or not the shoebill is simply concentrating or being blatantly arrogant, but it does decree that this shoebill chose you as his master. To find this minion, you’ll need to run the dungeon of Amaurot and hope it drops after the final boss.

2 Wind-Up G’raha Tia

Seen in the Crystal Tower quests, G’raha Tia was an integral part of that storyline and it’s fitting that he now has a minion made after him. He’s a fiercely loyal friend and will follow you wherever you go, occasionally stopping to stagger and bury his face into his hand.

There are many other reasons why this minion is ranking at number 2, but some of them you need to find out for yourself by going through the Shadowbringer’s storyline. Thankfully, you obtain this tiny Mi’Quote the same way so it crosses two things off the list at once.

1 The Great Serpent of Ronka

Tremble, child of man, and bask in the glory that is the number 1, newest minion added to FFXIV. There is no other minion fitting of this spot, as none are as all-powerful and wholly divine as the Great Serpent. It might seem like nothing more than a very wriggly, plump snake with a gaping mouth of sharp teeth, but that is merely to fool the mortal eyes and protect those who cannot handle its true form.

It hops around to follow you and then wobbles side to side when stationary. To fully appreciate the beauty that is the Great Serpent (and to get the minion, too), you need to complete the quest "Protectors of the Wood" in The Rak’Tika Greatwood. In the words of the Great Serpent, “Screeee!”

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