Final Fantasy XIV To Shorten Main Quest

Square Enix revealed that they will be shortening the long prerequisite main quests in Final Fantasy XIV in an upcoming update.

A Realm Reborn cover

One of the main complaints about Final Fantasy XIV will be addressed in the future, as the main scenario quests of A Realm Reborn will be shortened in a future update.

Final Fantasy XIV features main scenario quests that the player needs to complete in order to continue the game. One of the major issues that even diehard fans have with Final Fantasy XIV is that the initial batch of main scenario quests from A Realm Reborn (also known as the Seventh Umbral Era Quests) aren't very interesting compared to the content in the expansions. A Realm Reborn has lots of boring fetch quests and missions that involve traveling across the world in order to exchange a single line of dialogue with an NPC, before having to cross the world again to return to the quest-giver. A lot of fans agree that the game starts to get really interesting at the end of the Seventh Astral Era quests, which leads into the story of the Heavensward expansion, but it takes a while to get there.

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The latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE video has been translated by a community rep named Bayohne on the official forums for the game and it has been revealed that the main scenario quests in A Realm Reborn will be compacted in a later update to the game. The extent of these changes has yet to be revealed, but it will likely involve trimming the number of current main scenario quests during the early portions of the game.

It's possible for Final Fantasy XIV players to purchase the Tales of Adventure items, which brings them up to a level and story progression that will allow them to take on the newest content at once. It's hard to argue the value of these items, as getting to the interesting parts of Final Fantasy XIV can be a slog, especially for those who enjoy playing the game solo. The compacting of the story quests in A Realm Reborn will go a long way toward making the game more interesting for new players who wish to experience the whole story of Final Fantasy XIV from the beginning.

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