Square Enix Announces Final Update For Dragon Quest Builders 2


Dragon Quest Builders 2 is due to receive new content in its final update, which will cap off a successful sales run for the game that resulted in over a million units being shipped.

The final update for Dragon Quest Builders 2 is due to be released in Japan on August 20. There is currently no word on an international release date. According to Gematsu, the details of the update were revealed during a live stream held by Square Enix, where several new features for the game were announced.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 will receive three save slots instead of two. Additionally, there are four new sets of hairstyles that can be used for both male and female characters, but they aren't unisex and limited by gender. There are four items that will be added to the game that will allow the player to change the weather conditions. The player will be able to hold the attack button down in order to make nearby villagers follow them, in a feature known as the Hero's Flag system. The player will be able to save up to three Buildertopias, the growth of vegetation on the Isle of Awakening can be disabled in the menu, and numerous bug fixes will be added to the game.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Isle of Awakening

One of the most exciting new additions in the update will be a new epilogue for the game. In order to initiate the epilogue, the player will need to have completed 45 builder recipes, completed all of the infinite item checklists on the Explorer Islands, and visited at least one Buildertopia.

The live stream mentioned that Dragon Quest Builders 2 has shipped over 1.1 million units around the world, which are impressive numbers considering that the series is still a niche interest outside of Japan. Square Enix has been making a push to make Dragon Quest as popular outside of Japan as it is in its homeland, which recently received a huge bump with the addition of Hero to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The PlayStation 4 (or its successor) and the Nintendo Switch are likely to receive a lot more Dragon Quest games in the future and it's possible that a third entry in the Dragon Quest Builders series could be one of them.

The final update for Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be available in Japan on August 20th, 2019.

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