The 10 Best Mages In The Fire Emblem Franchise, Ranked

Fire Emblem is like an anime version of Dungeons and Dragons. There are tons of games out there, some haven't gotten to the US, and though the characters and stories may change what doesn't is the Class system. And one of the most classic classes is the Mage class. Mages fight using Anima Magic and can specialize in certain ones like Fire or Ice magic. The Mage class is a starting class and characters can be promoted into numerous different ones depending on the choices of the player. Here's a list of the 10 Best Mages In the Fire Emblem Franchise, Ranked.

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10 Nino - The Blazing Blade

Nino is a mage that first debuted in The Blazing Blade. In Blazing Blade, she made for an okay mage, as she joined the party late and with a low level. But in Fire Emblem Heroes, Nino makes for an awesome Green Mage. At level 40 she has a high attack power of 36.

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She also has a high speed, of 39, which greatly increases her chances to double. Nino was made to be an even greater mage with the update bringing Iris's Tome, which gives her an even greater offensive power.

9 Merric - Shadow Dragon And The Blade Of Light

Merric appears in many Fire Emblem games, but he debuted in Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Compared to some of the other green mages in the series, most of his stats seem average. But he starts with a pretty high HP and has a good starting Speed Stat of 19. Merric can also use Excaliber which is great against flying foes like wyverns. His skills and growth rates make him one of the more versatile Mages, at least in Fire Emblem Heroes, where he can be leveled up to fill in different roles.

8 Mae - Shadows Of Valentia

Mae is a mage who first debuted in Fire Emblem Gaiden. In Gaiden, Mae is an okay mage, who has high Strength and can use Thunder immediately after she joins, but she has low Defense and HP. However, Mae was improved with the Gaiden remake, Shadows of Valentia with pretty high Speed and Attack growths.

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She also gets the ability to wield the Silence Staff, that seals an enemy's magic for 1 turn. And in Heroes she's one of the strongest Blue Mages with a 36 for Attack and a 30 for Resistance.

7 Orochi - Fates

Orochi is a mage character in Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Revelation. In both of these games, the Mage class is rebranded as Diviners, for Hoshido, and Dark Mages for Nohr. Orochi as a Diviner has an amazing Magic growth of 80% starting with and a +3 Magic stat modifier. Her Defense, Speed, and Strength leave much to be desired and she can become a target for being doubled, but it's easy to compensate those issues by equipping the right weapon, and Skills. Orochi also has the skill Capture, which lets her capture enemy units.

6 Lysithea - Three Houses

Lysithea is a member of the Golden Deer and though her starting class is Noble she can be promoted into the Mage class. She's a devastating powerhouse as a Mage, with a 60% growth rate in magic and a max magic stat of 86.

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Her Speed and Dexterity are pretty impressive as well, though she has poor Defense, Resistance, and HP growth. She can use the strongest Reason spell in the game, and the strongest Faith spell. As long as players keep her from taking damage she's the best mage to recruit.

5 Nyx - Fates

Nyx is from Fire Emblem Fates. She has an amazing starting Magic growth rate of 70% and is one of the strongest magic wielders in both Conquest and Revelation. Her high Magic and most enemy's low resistance to Magic make it easy for her to eliminate most foes. She's not great at taking damage with a low Defense and Resistance stat. But her two base skills, Countercurse and Heartseeker make up for those weaknesses a bit. Countercurse lets her deal back half the damage she takes and Heartseeker drops enemies' Avoid, making it easier for her to hit them.

4 Soren - Path Of Radiance

Soren is from different Fire Emblem games but played a major role in both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. He is a mage and the strategist for the Greil Mercenaries. He's the first mage that can be used in Path of Radiance and he targets enemy Resistance.

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He doesn't have very impressive base skills in Magic or Strength, but his Skill and Speed are pretty good. His skill growth in Magic and Skill are what shines through. In Fire Emblem Heroes Soren is great at debuffing enemy attacks with his Wind's Brand tome.

3 Tharja - Awakening

Tharja is a mage from Fire Emblem: Awakening. She's a Dark Mage with a pretty great Magic growth rate of 60% and a +3 to her Magic Stat Modifier. Compared to her fellow mages in Awakening (Miriel, Ricken, and Robin), she's stronger, faster and can handle physical hits better than them. Though she doesn't have the highest Skill out of all the mages, her skills Anathema and Hex are pretty good at making up for her low Skill stat. Hex drops enemies Avoid rating by 15 points and Anathema reduces Avoid and Critical Avoid by 10 points.

2 Miriel - Awakening

Miriel is another mage from Awakening. Magic is one of her strongest stats and she gets a +3 Stat Modifier. Along with her Skill and Speed, her Magic has a growth rate of 60%. While other mages might pack more power, Miriel is quicker and can dish out more damage and evade attacks better. At level 10 she also gains a pretty useful skill if she winds up too far from the rest of the party. Focus boosts her Critical hit rate by +10 if there are no allies around her in a 3-tile radius.

1 Asvel - Thracia 776

Asvel is from Thracia 776. He's an offensive magic wielder seems weak but can become a major powerhouse. What makes such a great Mage is the mechanic called Follow-Up Critical Multiplier, or FCM, in Thracia 776. It's a hidden stat that multiplies a character's critical rate on their second attack. Asvel has a Crit rate of 40% with his weapon Grafcalibur and an FCM of 3, meaning that he'll always land a Crit on his second attack. It also helps that many of the bosses in Thracia 776 have low Magic stats, so they're vulnerable to Asvel's attacks.

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