Fire Emblem: The 5 Best Romance Options For A Male Byleth (& The 5 Best For A Female One)

Although romance doesn’t play a large role in the gameplay of Fire Emblem: Three Houses it is useful for gaining information on backstories and pursuing relationships that’ll guarantee key individuals will fight by your side in combat.

The game enables different romantic options depending on which gender the player chooses. There are some options that make a lot of sense for a male Byleth and some that make a lot of sense for a female Byleth. While you could choose almost anyone, here are some suggestions.

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10 Male: Petra

While Petra is technically a political hostage she bears the burden well enough and doesn’t let it affect her. She loves the outdoors and enjoys swimming. Don’t let her outdoorsy nature fool you though as she’s a gifted student with lots of intelligence, although she doesn’t like math.

She’s a fair fighter and her difficulty with the language is endearing and makes for some amusing conversations. If you want someone capable, loves the outdoors, being active, and has some serious book smarts than Petra’s your gal. Just don’t make fun of her accent too much.

9 Female: Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a strong and confident fellow, but he hates losing. Some mistakenly see him as a stuffy noble, but in reality he is obsessed with bettering himself and seeks honest feedback. Even with potential enemies like Dorothea he remains patient and respectful while applying the harsh criticism she gives.

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As a romantic option he’s a pretty good candidate. He enjoys being a noble, riding horses, abhors being a couch potato, and is very capable on the battlefield. Just be prepared for him to be a sore loser on game nights.

8 Male: Dorothea

Dorothea is a highly gifted singer and a very flirtatious. You certainly wouldn’t want to be the jealous type when pursuing her for a romantic option. Fortunately her flirtatious nature is to find a romantic partner and shouldn’t be a problem after she commits to a serious relationship.

She does rub nobles the wrong way as she despises anyone she perceives as arrogant or stuffy, often mischaracterizing some in the process. There’s also some serious self-esteem issues she’s working through. All in all if you want a romantic partner who’ll be loyal, gifted with song, and glamorously dressed than Dorothea is the one for you.

7 Female: Ashe

Ashe has proven popular with female players and for good reason. He’s a cheery and optimistic young man who is constantly helping or encouraging others any way he can. His unfortunate childhood has made him a bit serious at times, but he’s an absolute asset on the battlefield and if you ever lock yourself out of the house.

While he may not be the most capable fighter he is hardworking and devoted to becoming a knight. Any task given him is done to the best of his abilities. Honestly what more could you ask for in a romantic partner?

6 Male: Leonie

Leonie is the epitome of a tomboy but that only makes her even more charming. She’s not a prissy girl by any means and as a strong young woman she is dead set on becoming a wealthy mercenary in order to pay her village back for funding her academic pursuits.

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This responsibility and hard working nature can make her a strong ally on the battlefield or at home. She is a bit competitive and even sees Byleth as a rival, but it’s a good natured rivalry.

5 Female: Dimitri

Leader of the Blue Lions, Dimitri is heir to the throne and a powerful warrior. Basically he’s a guy with a steady career path and a strong protector/provider. Although he’s a prince he doesn’t like formality and would rather deal with honest individuals than empty flatterers.

He has a strange sense of humor and a deep level of darkness that boils under the surface. This darkness can potentially consume him if he doesn’t maintain control. If you pursue this romantic option just bear in mind that there’s some rough waters ahead.

4 Male: Mercedes

Mercedes is a very kind young woman with a strong desire to help others in need. Part of this is because of her strong religious upbringing that was the result of her being raised in a church. On the battlefield she’s a sharp observer and quick to help anyone in need of aid, which is a great attribute for a romantic partner.

If you pursue a romantic relationship with her you’ll be reward with a caring and strong individual. Just watch out for her brother, without spoiling anything let’s just say he’s a bit of a problem later on.

3 Female: Alois

Yes, he’s a bit older and a coworker, but honestly that’s less creepy than romancing one of your students. He’s a boisterous individual who loves talking and being cheerful, but he is courteous so it never gets to the point that he comes off as annoying.

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His corny jokes are equally amusing and face-palm worthy but it means he’s never dull. He’s a capable warrior and his charismatic nature will get even the shyest individual, like Berandetta, to come out of their shell a little. He’s terrible when it comes to fishing as he’s incapable of remaining quiet, but he has a good time nonetheless.

2 Male: Ingrid

Ingrid ambitions revolve around her becoming the ideal knight, this has caused her to become very hardworking, a superb fighter, and to put a high value on honor and nobility. She does have a dark history with her fiancé who died in battle and this is part of what drives her to become a knight.

She makes a great romantic option for being a person with a good head on her shoulders, lots of ambition, and hidden softer side. If you want a romantic option who’s capable on the battlefield she ranks right up there with the leaders, she’s also a good cook.

1 Female: Claude

Leader of the Golden Deer, Claude is a down to earth guy and generally easy going. Don’t let his casual nature fool you though as he’s constantly scheming and strategizing for his allies and those he cares about. His willingness to use shady tactics might be off putting, but he would rather his loved ones be alive because he tricked his opponents then have them die in some misguided pursuit of ‘honor’.

Outside of combat he’s an avid horse rider, fan of poetry, and loves a good feast. You can be sure when the land is at peace this young man will throw one heck of a party to celebrate.

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