Fire Emblem: Three Houses: The 10 Best Units Based Solely Off Personality

Sometimes it's not all about skill and combat proficiency - here are the 10 units you want if you're looking for an agreeable personality.

We all have our favorite units when it comes to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Powerful healers like Mercedes make our lives easier, and nukes like Lysithea can melt everything they touch. But, what about personality? The students and staff that we come to meet in Garreg Mach, are all wonderful, but let's be real, some of them have the personality of a wooden plank. Today we're going to be taking a look at the characters we like the most based on personality, in no particular order. Let's get into it.

10 Bernadetta

Bernadetta is a very sweet person, even if she's a complete social recluse. However, the reasonings for why the way she is are slowly learned as the story progresses, and it's truly horrible. However, after Byleth arrives at the school and never says anything ever (except for "here is something to believe in!"), it inspires her to come out of her room and interact with people more. She slowly grows throughout her character arc, and it's very heartening to watch.

9 Ashe

Ashe is really the sweetest little dumpling of them all. He might be absolute trash in combat, but his support scenes show just how much he cares about all of the students around him. While his interactions with everyone are fun to watch, his best moments are with Ingrid. The two share very similar bonds and goals, and watching the two grow close together of the course of the story is incredibly sweet. This man even lets a robber go because he was poor, an actual saint. Why doesn't he have a statue dedicated to him?

8 Claude

Claude is without a shadow of a doubt the most mentally stable of the three house leaders, and he certainly has the best personality of them all. He's always one to make light of tough situations, a morale booster. He cares deeply about all the other students in his class, and while he isn't afraid to tease them here and there, he is really there for them whenever they need him. His support conversations with Lysithea are a great example of Claude's warm personality. Update the game and make Claude bi please everyone needs to marry this man.

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7 Alois

Alois is totally the dad of the monastery. He's not the horrible, brooding, always wailing about how awful of a dad type, like someone we know, but the dad joke kind of dad, you feel? He's always in a jovial mood, and tries his best to make everyone feel the same with his bad jokes. His supports with Mercedes are absolutely fantastic, and really help to give you a sense of what a kind heart he has.

6 Dorothea

Dorothea is literally just a nicer version of Manuela. Sure, she's also mad about the fact that she doesn't have a man sometimes, but she talks about things other than men something Manuela has failed to achieve. Except when she gets stabbed. Anyway, Dorothea has cute little nicknames for all of the Black Eagles students, and is there for all of them. She's also one of the key players in helping Bernadetta grow during her time at the Officer's Academy. She's an incredibly caring and open individual. As such, she earns herself a spot on the list.

5 Mercedes

Mercedes is great on the battlefield, sure, but she's also really fun to watch grow outside of battle, too. She's a very kind and gentle soul, and has made it her life's mission to help others that might be in need. Beyond that, she is constantly doting on all of the other students, and grows very close to peers such as Ingrid. She's just a generally nice person, and completely deserves a spot on this list.

4 Seteth

Seteth is exactly the kind of guy that you want on your side during warfare, sure, but you could also totally go and have a drink with him (which includes him not drinking at all but instead telling you about his problems with Flayn rebelling). He's kind, stern when he needs to be, and is all around a great part of Garreg Mach. His supports with Hilda give some good insight to his personality. It starts out with him dragging her left and right for basically being the worst, and ends with them publishing a line of children's books together. How stupid cute is that?

3 Flayn

*spoilers* Flayn is literally thousands of years old but is also ten. She has absolutely no experience with the outside world, which leads to her having a sort of childlike wonder about her. She's incredibly kind, and simply wants to make friends with everybody that there is to make friends with. She also wants to help her house be as successful as possible, and her supports with Raphael really help to highlight this side of her. They're also just adorable in general, so get to unlocking those as soon as possible.

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2 Raphael

While most of Raphael's personality revolves around food and talking about food, he's also a really sweet person. As we just mentioned, his supports with Flayn are adorable, but basically all of his supports are great. His Hilda ones are a great example of this to watch, but his growth with Ignatz is especially special to see play out. Raphael loves his friends, his sister and food. He is a simple man, sure, but an incredibly pure one as well. He more than earns himself a spot on this list.

1 Annette

Annette is another fantastic personality of the monastery. In order to see this, you have to look no further than her supports with Gilbert and Felix. Both of them are great for different reasons, and they highlight two very different sides of her. Felix shows off her fun and quirky side, while Gilbert shows off her more serious side. A studious person that puts 100% into everything that she does, Annette is a key member of the Blue Lions house. She is a kind person who has a great relationship with all of the students at Garreg Mach.

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