Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Top 10 Timeskip Glo-Ups

By this point, it’s no secret that about halfway through any of the necessary 16 playthroughs of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there is a five-year time skip that impacts the story dramatically.

As such, all of your students age up five years, which gives them all tweaks to their appearances that makes their teacher want to marry them… apparently. Truth is, many of the students needed a little chance to glo-up, it does them wonders. Today, we’ll be taking a look at ten students that have the best glo-ups. Spoilers for some of the time skip looks will follow, obviously. Let’s jump into the list.

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10 Annette

Annette goes from looking like six-year-old to a confident 20-year-old woman within five years. Her glo-up is simple; she grows her hair out a bit, her face matures, and she wears a more complicated outfit, as one does after not seeing someone for five years.

Through and through, Annette stays kind and is a joy to have on your side in battle, no matter her age or look. It’s a shame that some people do the opposite, glo-down and stay just as useless in battle (not saying any names, but Ferdinand).

9 Petra

Petra’s glo-up is a lot more understated than many of the other students in Three Houses, and that isn’t a bad thing. Essentially, Petra lets down her hair a bit and gets a great new outfit. Overall, her post-time skip look just gives her an aura of maturity around her that she previously lacked.

Being one of the older students even pre-time skip, her look wasn’t going to change too much, similarly to the likes of Sylvain. Overall, her design changes are small but impactful, giving her a very grown-up look. Still can’t speak the language though. You had five years Petra what were you doing?

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8 Dorothea

Another very understated glo-up, Dorothea doesn’t change much during the time skip. She trades in the school uniform, as everyone does, for a brand new dress, while also getting rid of the very unnecessary hat.

From there, she grows out her hair a bit. Like previously mentioned, it really isn’t much, but all of these things add up to just an older looking and more confident Dorothea. Not everyone has to change radically in five years, and this is a great example of someone who didn’t change too much, but still had a nice glo-up.

7 Hilda

Hilda goes from cute student to… well, let’s just say she glo’d-up real fast. While the pink hair and hairstyle remained steadfast, her affinity for the color black grew exponentially. Also, you know what accessory goes great on the battlefield? A corset. Do not ask me how it just does.

Basically, Hilda figured out a fantastic marketing strategy in the five-year time skip, and props to her for that. She took off her undershirt and added a corset. What a pro.

6 Hubert

Look, Hubert started out bad. There really wasn’t anywhere to go but up from where he started. So, did he glo-up? He sure did. Did he glo-up as exponentially as some of the other students on this list? Well, not really.

As with all the other students, Hubert got himself a new outfit that helps highlight his angsty personality. However, his big change was his hairstyle. Let’s just say this man found himself in his five years. His new emo hairstyle suits him well, and helps give his face… a boost? He just looks better, and that’s saying a lot for him.

5 Linhardt

Look, we can all agree that Lindhardt was a disaster before the time skip, and that was 600% because of his hair and nothing else. However, when the time skip came around, that was remedied.

Whatever that mess of a style you would call his pre-time skip look was replaced with a sensible bun that frames his face much better. Only took him five years to figure that out. It's probably not as easy to work with during his several daily naps, but as long as he's happy with it.

4 Ignatz

Harry Potter grew into bigger Harry Potter. Seriously, Ignatz is about as stereotypically “nerdy kid” as you can get design-wise. While his younger look personified this stereotype beautifully, he at least grew into it a bit more after the five-year-jump.

He fixed his hair, and his overall tone and stane just exudes more confidence than he previously did. Ignatz might not have had the more traditional glo-up that you’d expect, but a few years certainly didn’t hurt him.

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3 Caspar

Okay… was anyone expecting Caspar to turn into a daddy? Because... wow, this man. While Caspar was never bad looking start, he now looks like every man that would call you the most beautiful person in the world and then ghost you immediately the next day.

But who cares? He’s beautiful now. The hair is great, the new armor is fantastic, and he retains his great personality. What did we do to deserve such a man?

2 Lysithea

Lysithea’s constant gripe about being thought of as young and childish is certainly one that she manages to fix with the five-year-time skip. The outfit is bomb. Does it make her hair clip through about every outfit she has as different classes? Yeah. Still fire though.

Lysithea’s features really don’t change very much at all, if any. Her new outfit is what really makes her glo-up stand out as one of the best. Even if it so impactful simply for showing how far she’s come in wanting to shed her childlike image, it certainly does her well.

1 Marianne

Marianne looks like she slept through the entire five-year-time skip, much like a certain someone we know, and thank god. She needed it. This sleepy transformation of hers allowed her to transform into an older, more confident version of herself.

There really aren’t any huge changes facially, but the bags (and sad demeanor) are removed in favor of a more confident look. Sometimes a little bit of a change in outlook is all you need for a great glo-up.

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