Fire Emblem Fans Are In Love With A Generic NPC

A generic soldier in Fire Emblem: Three Houses' base area has fans going wild, and drawing... interesting fan art.

There's a new Fire Emblem husbando in town, and he's not even a playable character. It seems that a good portion of the Fire Emblem fandom are taken with Gatekeeper-kun. Or just Gatekeeper, to some. That's right, a nameless guard who keeps watch over the main entrance to Fire Emblem: Three Houses' central location has stolen the hearts of many.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses mostly takes place in Garreg Mach Monastery. Despite its name, the building is like a fortress of its own, complete with its own church-employed army. Many of these knights come and go as the game goes on, offering a brief conversation or clue as the player wanders around doing side-quests. The gatekeeper, however, is at the same post every day. He even continually says "Nothing to report!" to emphasize his rather mundane station. That simplicity somehow ends up being the key to his charm, a comfort to players as the story gets more intense.

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These gatekeeper fans have taken to social media to express their love for their #1 knight. Through this, we have learned that he's actually voiced by Kyle McCarley, who voiced the main character Alm in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. McCarley himself has fans from his general interaction with the Fire Emblem community. This only added to the legendary status of Gatekeeper, who was already beloved for his own merits.

Some fans do simple appreciation posts:

Some want him to stop being an NPC and join the player's squad:

And one person went so far as to say that this simple fan of relatively few lines is better than most main characters of another game.

The majority seems to be those who want him to be a recruitable character. However some take a step beyond that. There are quite a few fan arts going around depicting Gatekeeper as a love interest.

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Finally, there's this... uh, tribute?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is now available for Nintendo Switch. Grab it for some great tactical gameplay, relationship building, and top-tier gatekeeping action.

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