Fire Emblem: Great Classes To Put Each Black Eagle Member Into

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, getting units certified into different classes can be a stressful thing to do. You want to make sure that you’re always prioritizing the right skills for them, so you don’t waste any time teaching them skills they don’t need to have. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Black Eagles class, and seeing which classes suit all of the students. Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

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8 Edelgard- Emperor

Edelgard is a literal walking cannon, but her exclusive Emperor class makes her a walking cannon that shoots other cannons out of it that in turn shoot grenades. Edelgard receives the Emperor class at a certain point about midway through the game and it makes her virtually unstoppable. The class gives Edelgard important boosts to her defenses while also increasing her power with an axe. While her speed does receive a bit of a downgrade from this class, the sheer power it gives Edelgard more than makes up for it.

7 Bernadetta- Bow Knight

While Bernadetta might be an emotional disaster everywhere, she manages to keep it bottled up on the battlefield long enough to cause serious damage to her enemies. Bernadetta is a fierce archer, and once she is able to promote into the Bow Knight class she becomes even more powerful. Once Bernadetta attacks as a Bow Knight, she is able to move again. She’ll also have a secondary weapon in lances if need be. This helps to increase her versatility, even if she won’t be using it much. As a Bow Knight, Bernadetta can move in and out as she pleases, providing heavy damage and then returning to cover as she sees fit.

6 Caspar- War Master

Did someone have to do some research on this unit because they accidentally lost him really early on in the game? Perhaps. Nevertheless, Caspar exceeds when classed as a War Master. With this class, Caspar will have excellent hand-to-hand and axe combat, along with an increased critical hit ratio. Caspar naturally suits this role very well, as he can rank up in both brawling and axe skills needed to be a War Master very quickly. Hand-to-hand combat and speed work well together for War Masters, as they allow the user to attack up to four times in a single turn. Utilize Caspar as a War Master to give the Black Eagles a huge brute strength unit that they would otherwise lack.

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5 Dorothea- Dancer

Dorothea is… she’s fine, to put it mildly. She’s not great, but with the help of a little unlockable class, she can become a huge help on the battlefield. The Dancer class provides Dorothea the distinct ability to help another unit move a second time in every turn. Thus, if you manage to keep Dorothea next to some sort of maniac like Edelgard, she can take out two units in one turn. This is obviously hugely beneficial and can help turn an okay magic-user into a great one. Also, a singer and now a dancer? Double threat. Someone enroll this girl into acting lessons and she is ready to take Hollywood by storm.

4 Ferdinand- Great Knight

The noble Noble Ferdinand is very noble and best fulfills his role as a Noble when he is a noble Great Knight. Did he mention that he’s a Noble yet? As a Great Knight, Ferdinand will be able to attack very nobly with both lances and axes, something that he will manage to do with great nobility since he is a noble Noble. He’ll also have increased noble defenses and some great noble movement. Hopefully, he’s paired with a Noble horse he can talk about being Nobles with since they’re both Nobles and take their Noble jobs very seriously.

3 Linhardt- Holy Knight

Linhardt is the primary healer of the Black Eagles, and thus you want to focus on faith as much as possible with this one. However, when possible, let him gain some experience with lances and riding, as he will become a Holy Knight by the end of the game. Honestly, the lance isn’t important, as Linhardt will really only be using magic on the battlefield, so don’t worry about the lance too much. Just focus on faith and riding, so Linhardt can travel further distances to heal his allies and keep himself alive. Plus, if he has a horse to take him places, he has more times for those naps he loves so much.

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2 Petra- Wyvern Lord

Petra should enjoy being a Wyvern Lord greatly. Petra does not have time to learn the Fodlan language, instead she’s busy trying to figure out how one adopts and then rides a dragon into battle. As a Wyvern Lord, Petra will be able to take the front lines of the battlefield, flying in and out as she pleases. Wyvern Lords can travel huge distances, and as such, Petra can be used to fly in and deal heavy damage before ducking out in order to keep herself safe. While mounted on the Wyvern, Petra can use lances, axes or bows depending on her situation. Incredibly powerful and versatile, Wyvern Lord Petra is someone that you need to have on your Black Eagles team.

1 Hubert- Dark Mage

If you can find a Dark Seal, give it to Hubert. He’s already angsty enough might as well keep that train rolling along. Besides the obvious aesthetic boosts that it gives Hubert (literally the perfect outfit for him), it also allows him to deal massive damage with dark magic. After landing a hit on an enemy unit, that unit can lose an additional 20% of their maximum health after the battle, giving Hubert a great chance to knock out just about any opponent that stands before him. As a Dark Mage, Hubert becomes extremely powerful and as a poet once put it, emo to the extremeo.

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