Fire Emblem: 10 Great Recruits To Add To Your House

Fire Emblem: Three Houses tasks you with recruiting possible students to your houses, and these ten would make great additions!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses presents you with a tough choice the second you start the game. Pick eight kids to spend 70 hours of your life with. It really is a hard one. However, one nice feature that the game has is the ability to recruit students from other houses to join you.

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You can do this through a variety of ways such as affection and skill-boosting, but today we’re going to be talking about the best students to recruit to your houses. All of these students have some sort of unique aspect to them that makes them a great pick. Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

10 Raphael

Yeah, he might be a bit too dumb to realize that a medium-sized shirt might be a bit too small for him, but he’s a great fighter nonetheless. Raphael is a naturally tanky character, meaning he can take hits while delivering just as much damage to opponents. His gauntlets even allow him to strike four times at once, which can be devastating when used properly. His unique stats make him a great character to have on any team, and considering he’s one of the only tanks in the game, he fills a category some of the houses lack.

9 Petra

“I would be liking that greatly.” -Every Fire Emblem player about Petra. No matter what class you train her into, Petra is a great character that can deal heavy damage and sustain herself.

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She works great as a Wyvren Lord, allowing her the ability to get around the field and take down targets quickly. Who needs to learn the Fodlan language when you shoot a lance at someone from atop a dragon? She’s out here living her best life.

8 Lysithea

Lysithea is a bit of a mixed bag. She is a fantastic mage that works very well as a Gremory, but she has trouble keeping herself alive and will need support on the field if she’s going to be useful. She’s a very useable glass cannon. She’s able to take down most units with ease, but the same can be said for her. If you are going to use Lysithea, it might not be a bad idea to keep her around the next student on the list.

7 Mercedes

While not actually the brand of vehicle, Mercedes is an absolutely fantastic healer that needs to be on every single team you create. Mercedes has the unique ability to heal herself for the same amount of HP as she heals allies for, meaning she is highly unkillable.

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This allows her to get into the fray of battle to keep your heavy hitters alive. Her variety of support moves make her incredibly versatile for different situations as well. Mercedes should absolutely be one of your first recruits when you get the chance.

6 Sylvain

A womanizer that actually gets stat boosts from being next to women (even on the battlefield… okay you have bigger priorities right now), we have Sylvain. This beautiful man that will probably ghost you and then make your next battle together really awkward has a variety of different classes he excels as. Having him train to be a Great Knight is certainly a fantastic option, as he wields the Hero’s Relic Lance of Ruin. Pro-tip, if you’re playing as female Byleth all you have to do is talk to him and he’ll immediately join your class which is literally the funniest part of this entire game.

5 Catherine

This one is a little different depending on the storyline you choose to play, as sometimes she joins your team purely based off of the story, but Catherine is a strong ally to have on your side.

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A swordmaster from the second you recruit her, Catherine and her Thunderbrand are certainly a force to be reckoned with. While this is obviously her most powerful weapon, she’s adept at using just about any weapon you give her, and she’ll slot in perfectly to your team.

4 Ingrid

Blue Lions house member Ingrid is another great student that can be recruited to your house. While she doesn’t have any budding talents, she has four preferred abilities in flying, riding, swords and lances, making her a very versatile option that can easily fill any gap needed in your team.

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Her Crest also allows her the ability to sometimes deal more damage when attacking with a combat art. Also, one of her dislikes is hunger and same.

3 Leonie

Leonie is a great choice to have on your team. She’s the exact opposite of Sylvain and gets angry around men apparently, thus resulting in a stat boost when next to one on the battlefield. So just pair the two up together I guess?

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Leonie is a good choice to have as a mounted unit, as she is proficient in riding, bows and lances. While she doesn’t bear a crest, she is still a very powerful ally that will serve your team well on the battlefield.

2 Felix

Felix Hugo Fraldarius (have you ever heard a better name in your entire life) is a fantastic recruit option. Felix is a bit of a loner, and thus not equipping him with a Battalion actually gives him a bit of extra power in all of his moves on the battlefield. He’s a great swordsman, but can also be trained as an archer, brawler or dark magic-user. No matter what area you choose to train him in, he is absolutely a force to be reckoned with in combat.

1 Bernadetta

In between the screaming and fainting that she’s known for, Bernadetta is a pretty great option to have in your house. Being a recluse, she’s most comfortable being as far as possible from her victims, and as such is a fantastic archer. Her crest actually allows her to strike twice (or three times depending on your speed) sometimes, so her damage output can be huge if handled correctly. If you manage to actually talk to this girl, recruit her.

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