Fire Emblem: The Ten Best Features That Will Be Coming To Three Houses As DLC

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been confirmed to get four DLC waves going into next year for some time. However, some new information from a translated guidebook has revealed what exactly it is that we'll be receiving throughout these waves. Some is surprising, some is expected and some raises more questions than answers. Well, buckle in, because today we're going to be discussing ten exciting things that we'll be receiving as DLC for Three Houses. Without any further ado, let's get into it.

10 The Sauna

*Manuela has entered the chat*

The sauna is an area that has been in the monastery since Three Houses launched. It's been mentioned by several characters as well, but has never been interactable. Until the third wave of DLC hits, that is. This will finally give Byleth and their students the chance to enter the sauna together. It's probably just as bad as it sounds. We'll see just how (very) fanservicey it gets, but it will probably be pretty similar to that one time you just got to rub people and everyone was okay with it. Probably.

9 Jeritza

This is an interesting one. Jeritza is going to be a playable character through a DLC release. However, this will only be on certain routes (writer's note: the only routes I haven't played are the ones he can probably be played in, so I have literally no information to share), meaning that he will likely be a key part of the story in the routes that he can be played in. Having additional characters to play as is never a bad thing, and someone as brooding as Jeritza is bound to be a blast.

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8 Anna

WELCOME! THANKS A BUNCH! Yes, shopkeep Anna will also be a playable unit through DLC. A shopkeep and a warrior? What a busy businesswoman! The fact that Anna is playable is great because it will mean that she will have more than the three voice lines that she currently has (besides her wonderful little cameos in some of the support conversations). She'll also have her very own paralouge with Jeritza to play, which is weird because what could those two even have to talk about, let alone have enough of a connection to send their small army to go complete a quest somewhere?

7 Four New Characters

Along with Jeritza and Anna, we will be getting four new units in the form of (names not final): Juris, Balthazar, Constanze and Javi. Don't worry, we have no idea who these people are either. If one of them isn't the name of the gatekeeper there will be hell to pay by those poor little developers. We don't know how they'll play into the story in the slightest as of now, so they'll be a great surprise to play once they're released.

6 New Supports

As we're getting six new playable units added to the game through DLC, it's only natural that we'd be getting support scenes between all of them and pre-existing characters. However, let's hope that they give us even more supports between current characters while they're recording new dialogue. Please just make Claude bi already. Give the people what they've earned. He's literally got the bi-est energy in all of the game so just do us a favor already and confirm what we know is true.

5 Dogs And Cats

Can I get a Y? Can I get an E? Can I get an S? YES. Thank God. Finally, as DLC we'll be getting the option to actually play with the cats and dogs that hang around the monastery instead of just staring at them like the monster Byleth is. This better be in wave "right now" though because this needs to be added as soon as possible. Let us pet these goodest boys and bestest girls. They deserve the entire world.

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4 Abyss Mode

Included in the DLC is a new side story known as Abyss Mode. This mode could be just about anything, we have absolutely zero details as of now of what it is or how it plays. Maybe this could be related to the five years that Byleth spent hanging around an abyss? We really don't know as of now what you'll be doing in this mode, or who is in it. It's likely a nice meaty story section though, which is never a bad thing to see.

3 New Classes

There will be four new classes added to Three Houses through the DLC, which is sure to be a fun new addition to mess around with. What these classes are could be anybody's guess. They could easily be returning classes from older titles in the series, or completely new ones that we have yet to see. Either way, with how many times you'll be playing through this game, new ways to play are always appreciated.

2 New Costumes

You know what we love to do? Dress Byleth and friends up in dumb little outfits. And guess what we're getting in the DLC? You guessed it, more dumb little outfits to dress Byleth and friends up in! Getting to customize the characters a bit is always a fun time, so getting more choices to do so with is such a blessing. The loungewear was a great start, but we need more. Also, can we change up Byleth's hair? We got some big changes we need to make with that one. Either way, new outfits yay!

1 Activites And Monastery Facilities

Garrech Mach Monastery is a fun place to hang around, sure. However, after spending 100+ hours there, the activities you can engage with can get to be a bit tedious. The DLC will be adding more things to do in the monastery (beyond the sauna) by wave four. This will be a great DLC drop for the game. The monastery is a bit bare in certain spots, so more activities to whittle away your time on is a welcomed addition to Three Houses. The fact that Nintendo even has the audacity to make this game bigger than it already is... shocking. Thankfully, they're making it larger in all the right places.

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