Fire Emblem Three Houses: The 5 Best Nobles (And 5 Best Commoners)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is like other games in the franchise as all the characters are categorized into different classes. All of the playable characters start off in one of two Trainee classes, the Noble and Commoner classes. Characters in these classes have a variety of classes they can be promoted to and a number of weapon types they can wield.

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There isn't much of a difference between the Noble and Commoner class, based on stats alone, except Nobles have a 5% Charm growth and Commoners have a +5 HP skill. Here are the 5 Best Nobles and the 5 Best Commoners.

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10 Noble - Hilda

Hilde is a noble from the Golden Deer House. She is the youngest child and the only daughter of her house, which has made her a spoiled and lazy. She often tries to make up an excuse to get her out of work she finds too strenuous.

Despite all of this, she will put in all the effort it takes to help out her friends. She's pretty charismatic as well and very fashionable. In fact, she has a passion for making handcrafted accessories, which she makes for herself and her close friends.

9 Commoner - Dorothea

Dorothea was the daughter of a lady-in-waiting from a noble of the Adrestian Empire but was orphaned when she was young, living on the streets. She became a songstress at the Mittlefrank Oprea Company in Enbarr, and rose to fame as the "Mystical Songstress".

She's the only commoner in the Black Eagles house, but she considers everyone to be equal. Dorothea still holds a little bit of a chip on her shoulder against nobles. She's also pretty flirtatious and has an outgoing personality, though she seems to have a few self-esteem issues at the same time.

8 Noble - Casper

Casper is a noble from the Black Eagles house. The second-born son of his house, he joins the Officers Academy to make a name for himself, since he is low in the line of succession for House Bergliez.

He has an uncle and an aunt who are both apart of the Imperial Army of Adrestian. Casper has an honest personality and strong sense of justice, but his hotheadedness gets him into trouble and holds him back. Casper has some guilt that weighs heavy on him when it comes to Petra and Shamir because of his father.

7 Commoners - Mercedes

Mercedes was born as a noble but once her father died her house was abolished. Her mother then married a baron in the Kingdom of Faerghus, but Mercedes and her mother left, after being mistreated by her stepfather. Since she was 10 Mercedes lived in a church, which made her a very religious person.

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Later in life, she was adopted by a merchant and attended the Royal School of Sorcery in the city of Fhirdiad. Her father pressures her to find a husband before she joins the Officers Academy, which she finds bothersome.

6 Noble - Lysithea

Lysithea is a noble from the Golden Deer house. She is from the Leicester Alliance and suffered a hard and tragic childhood at the hands of the Adrestian Empire for her family's involvement in the House of Hrym's revolt. She possesses two crests and is a magical prodigy, though she isn't arrogant about it.

She works hard and wishes for people to see her for that hard work and not her natural talent. She's one of the youngest students and through she hates being treated like a child she has a few childish traits.

5 Commoner - Dedue

Dedeue is a commoner from the Blue Lions house and is the loyal retainer of Dimitri, the house's leader and the prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

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He came to serve Dimitri after the prince saved him from being persecuted with the rest of the people of Duscur, for their apparent involvement of the assassination of King Lambert and many other Kingdom royals and nobles. Despite his stoic demeanor, he's a pretty gentle guy who bears the disdain and hatred that others have towards him because he's from Duscur.

4 Noble - Marianne

Marianne is a noble from the Golden Deer house. She is the daughter of a noble of the Leicester Alliance but was adopted by the lord of the Margraviate of Edmund. She starts off as a very quiet student, with low self-esteem to the point that she doesn't take care of herself.

But her confidence grows stronger throughout the game, and her self-esteem does a near 180 after the five-year time skip. As a student the only creatures she opened herself up were animals and she is deeply religious, praying to the Goddess every day.

3 Commoner - Raphael

Raphael is a giant of a young man, but despite his size, his nature is rather gentle. He is a commoner that is apart of the Golden Deer house. Raphael was once the son of a Leicester Alliance merchant family, but his family was killed in a monster attack, and he was made an orphan four years before the start of the game.

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Two years after his parents' death he sold the family estate and closed their merchant business to become a knight. Raphael has a pretty optimistic life view, despite the tragedy he went through.

2 Noble - Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a noble from the Black Eagles house. His father was a major player in the event known as the Insurrection of the Seven, which stripped the power away from the Emperor of the Adrestinan Empire. Ferdinand is proud to be a noble though he disagrees with his father's views on what it means to be one.

He disagrees with those of nobility looking down on commoners or abusing their power. He has a prideful personality, hates losing and is very competitive, especially when it comes to Edelgard and her skills.

1 Commoner - Ashe

Ashe is one of the commoners from the Blue Lions. His family had fallen on hard times and he resorted to stealing to provide for his parents and his younger brother and sister. A serendipitous event had him and his two siblings adopted by a noble who he had once robbed.

The noble taught him to read, raised him as his own and enrolled him into the Officers Academy. Ashe trains and studies hard to become a valiant knight and greatly admires the noble that gave him and his siblings a better life, Lonato.

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